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    Artist playlist question..

    I own a VW with the Premium 8 touchscreen radio. If anyone has any experience with these you'll know that the interface is very clunky, and slow.. In an effort to make browsing easier, I was wanting to make 26 playlists called A-Z respectively.. In each playlist I would place the artist in it's...
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    Info field question..

    Is it possible to always leave a field empty in the 'info' section under the 'Get Info' heading? I wish to always leave the year, and artist info blank. The reason for this is because sometimes I create my own albums and sometimes those fields cause issues. I'm using the latest iTunes, btw...
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    Certain songs not playing all the way through.

    First off, searched, but the thread was quite old.. I have noticed that a very few of my songs cut off midway through on my 5th gen iPod.. They play fine on iTunes.. I did a complete restore, and the problem still persists.. Any ideas?
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    What's the easiest way to manage multiple libraries?

    Just looking for some suggestions using multiple iTunes libraries. I was wondering if there was a way to be presented with a list of available libraries when shift-starting iTunes.. Right now it only brings up the last used library.. What do most of you here do? Thanks..
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    iTunes Match question.. Is it for me??

    I do not own any ios devices. Still have my trusty 5th gen iPod which spends a majority of it's time in my car. I was thinking of giving iTunes match a try for the sole purpose of listening to my iTunes library on my work computer.. I have a few questions before I pull the trigger. 1- Would I...
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    iPhone 4 noise cancelling/suppression feature question.

    Does anyone know if the noise canceling/suppression feature works when listening to music with headphones? Thanks..
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    iPod music sorting on iPhone question.

    I have a 16gig 3GS, and only keep my most recently added music on it, by only syncing the "Recently Added" smart playlist. When I choose an artist, and select "All Songs" it lists, and plays them in alphabetical order, as opposed to album order, with only the albums listed in alphabetical order...
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    Questions regarding Home Sharing

    I have two questions regarding the Home Sharing feature: Can I sync my iPod on either PC that has Home Sharing enabled, since is it identical on either computer? Is there a way to make the shared iTunes library the default library on my laptop when I'm on my home network? Thanks..
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    Drive + Play (first gen) at Newegg for 15.00

    Just stumbled across the Harmon Kardon first gen Drive/Play at Newegg for 15.00 + 9.00 shipping. I ordered one last night to mess around with, before plunking down 300+ on the Drive/Play 2. Here's the link Just thought I'd pass...
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    WiFi Gmail problem

    When connected to WiFi at work, I seem to be having a problem accessing my gmail account. All other WiFi functions work- Safari, YouTube, weather, etc, but anytime I try to check my gmail, I get this message: "Cannot get mail. Mail was unable to connect to server "" using SSL on...
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    Wi-Fi question

    I am an existing AT&T customer, and have had my iPhone for about a year now. I was wondering if I were to cancel my data plan (AT&T said I could), would the Wi-Fi function still work? I very rarely every use the AT&T network, as I have Wi-Fi access at home, as well as work, and really see no...
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    Getting ready to reformat. What do I need to back up?

    First off, please bear with me. I read the "relocating iTunes" sticky, but have a few specific questions: I am going to be doing a fresh install of windows, and completely reformatting my drives. Contained on the same drive (F) as my music is a folder (which I will be backing up) that...
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    App. to play iPod through comp. speakers?

    Is there such an application that will allow me to plug my iPod into my laptop, or any computer, and play it's contents over the laptop's speakers? I use my laptop at work alot, and headphones are not an option, and it would be nice not to have to lug around a set of speakers.
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    Right click mp3 file, sent to iTunes library???

    Does anyone know if there is an app that would allow me to right-click on a file or folder, and send it to my (PC) iTunes library? Someone here had a script that would do this, but I can no longer find it, plus I know nothing about scripts- Can someone help me? Thanks