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    Ipod linux on ippod video 5gen problem

    I just installed ipod linux today on my ipod video and i have 27.8 gb of space on the ipod but i only have 6.9gb free and i only have 114 songs on my ipod with ipod linux installed with loader 2.4 and themes and fonts with some games from the ipod linux installer is this right? Is ipodlinux...
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    Help error when installing ipodlinux with installer 2

    I get a error when i try to install ipodlinux with the windows installer on a whiteipod video 5gen with firmware1.1.2 after i make a copy of my firmware the installer says a error has occured and needs to close ive tried over 6 times and i get the same results over and over could someone help me...
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    do i have a 5gen or a 5.5gen 30gb ipod?

    I want to know if i have a 5gen or a 5.5gen ipod video 30gb when i got my ipod i bought it brand new on the box it has a picture of a guy singing into a mic i think its the lead singer from U2 i might be wrong... and the last 3 letters of my ipod are WEC and the firmware is 1.1.2 and my ipod...
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    Ipod linux and Rockbox?

    I have a 30gb ipod video white i dont know if its a 5gen or a 5.5gen because on my ipods box there is a guy singing not the pirates of the carabien. I want to know what is Ipod linux and Rockbox? are they like ipod firmware's? and can any of them run on my ipod and is there a risk of wrecking my...