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    Minimalist case for iPhone 6?

    I hate cases in general. For my iPod Touch, I always used a Moshi pouch, which was essentially a microfiber drawstring pouch. But with an iPhone, I need to be able to keep it in my pocket and have easy access. So I feel like I need some sort of protection. I'll use a quality film screen cover...
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    Library media files on multiple drives?

    I know this is a frequently discussed topic, but I wanted to make sure I get up to date info. What are the best options for keeping media files on multiple drives? I have read TuneSpan is an option, or just manually controlling the library, but you would think by now apple would have something...
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    Mic input to ipod touch for voice control - can I do what I am thinking about?

    Here is what I would like to do: I currently have a ProClip mount for my 64 GB ipod touch in my car. I connect it my stereo with the sik pimp through the dock connector. I would like to use a tiny mic like the SwitchEasy Thumbtack or the Ozaki iPill that connects to the headphone jack on the...
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    Recipe/shopping list app?

    I'm having trouble finding the right recipe/shopping list app for me. I would like something that allows the entry of my own recipes on my mac and can then sync them with my ipod touch. I would also like to have the ability to add either separate items or an entire recipe to a shopping list...
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    Kensington LiquidAUX: quick question

    Can you use the auxiliary input function of the LiquidAUX without plugging the car charger portion into the cigarette lighter?
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    Am I the only one who feels like none of the ipods fit my needs?

    My first ipod was Gen. 1. I finally upgraded to the 60 GB 5th gen when video was announced. At the time, that was as close to perfect as I could get. Here's my thing: I use my ipod mostly for music except for videos on trips. An episode of Family Guy or Chappelle's Show or some home video...
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    Quick question: video w/o rotating

    I have a mount in my car for my ipod video. When my wife and I go on long trips we play TV shows and other videos for the passenger to watch. For video, does the ipod touch automatically play video sideways, or will it play normally (obviously, not filling the entire screen) as long as it is...
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    ipod not completing photo transfer via ipod camera connector

    I've looked around and haven't been able to find a solution to my problem. My 5G/video ipod connects fine to my digital camera (which is on the approved list). Transfers start fine, but if I leave the ipod alone, only some of the photos are transfered. If I sit by the ipod and spin the wheel...
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    Ripping CDs in iTunes: Can you change the naming structure?

    I searched around for a while to find an answer to this question but couldn't come up with anything. I don't see any way of making iTunes save ripped tracks as anything other than "track number" "title." This seems pathetic considering windows media player and even really old versions of...
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    JBL On Tour vs. Altec iM3c

    I'm looking for a portable speaker system. Can anyone comment on these two systems? It seems like the JBL has better sound quality, while the Altec has the ability to dock and has a remote. Thoughts?
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    Sony MDR-EX 51/71/81 earbuds vs Creative EP-630/Sharp MD33 earbuds

    I need to replace a pair of the earbuds for my Creative EP-630 earphones and I was wondering if the earbuds for any of the Sony MDR-EX 51/71/81 earphones are the same. It's kind of hard to get a hold of anything related to the EP-630 here in the US.
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    Is the line out on the universal dock a true line out or just another headphone jack?

    While trying to answer someone else's question, I started reading the ilounge review of the universal dock. It states that the line out on the dock "replicates the headphone ports of color 4G and 5G iPods." I know in the past, it was always said that the line out on the dock was a true line...
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    Does your ipod with Martin Fields protector still fit in the universal dock?

    From what I could tell, not too many people have mentioned this. Once you install the Martin Fields protector, does the ipod still fit in the dock? If not, do you think applying just the front protector would allow it to fit? I'm considering doing that b/c people have said it doesn't fit...
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    How do you tell what aspect ratio your DVDs are?

    I'm sure this sounds like a stupid question, but how do you tell what aspect ratio a particular DVD movie is? All my movies are widescreen and sometimes, it says on the back of the DVD case, but not for every movie.
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    remote for 5G ipod?

    Does anyone know of a remote for the new 5G ipod that has a passthrough for the dock connector, so you can still charge the ipod while the remote receiver is attached? I haven't heard of one being released yet, but maybe I missed it. And, yes, I know about the apple remote for the dock. That...