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    5g iPod Video Hiss problem, is it my iPod or all of them?

    Just bought myself a new 60 GB black 5G iPod. To go with this nice beauty, I also bought a pair of ultimate ears Super.Fi 5 Pro earphones. While listening I have recently noticed an audible hiss while the iPod is paused ( and less so when music is playing). Well the hiss is always there, but...
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    Audiobooks "playlist" doesn't know how to count on 3G after 2.3 Firmware Update

    Audiobooks "playlist" doesn't know how to count on 3G after 2.3 Firmware Update Well I was excited to hear that my 3G got some new firmware and some cool options like the audiobook section as well as shuffle from the main menu. But, I am a bit disturbed to see that they don't quite work right...
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    Recommendations for over the head earphones to be used while Snowboarding

    Well it's about that time again. I have an older pair of aiwa over the head earphones that I pretty much destroyed last season (270 instead of 360) and survived for the rest of the season thanks to some duct tape. Well I was wondering from the rest of you shredders what you use and if you had...
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    Anyone willing to trade the medium rubber earpieces for black Sony EX71's

    Somewhere between Mountainbiking and moving to Central Jersey from Buffalo, NY I have lost 1 of the earbud covers to my sony EX71's in black. I use the medium size and am sure there are others in here who use the same ear buds, but in a different size. I looked for a replacement online and the...
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    Best way to work Windows, Powerbook and iPod together

    Not 100% sure if this is the right spot for this, but here goes. Currently I have a 20 GB iPod and a windows machine. I use iTunes for windows and it works great even though my music library is larger than my iPod will allow. (leaving unwanted songs unchecked in iTunes and choosing...
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    iTunes 4.5/2.2 firmware updates everything even stuff I don't want

    Hope this is the right section for this question. I updated my windows system with the new iTunes 4.5 and the 2.2 firmware. I restored my iPod and loaded up all my songs. All went smoothly and I still have my settings and playlists etc. I have some songs "garbage" (Christmas carols, comedey...
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    problems with burn in if iPod left plugged in for extended periods?

    I like to listen to music before I go to bed. I have an extra dock and a set of computer speakers set up next to my bed to play and charge the iPod. There are times when my iPod stays in the dock fully charged for days at a time. Is there any problem with this type of use. Will the battery...
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    Looking for mIRC and shn plugin for iTunes (Windows)

    Posted this before the "crash" and it seems to have disappeared. Still looking for an mIRC announcer (now playing xyz @ 224 kb/s) for iTunes on windows. Also a plugin to play shn files (shorten , lossless codec used in many live audio recordings) If anyone has any ideas or links let me know thx.
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    Won my first, and second song from Pepsi!!

    Not sure if this it the right forum or not (Moderators feel free to move if needed). I have been looking everywhere for the last 2 weeks for some bottles that have the iTunes giveaway contest. I finally managed to find some today. One was in a quickie-Mart type store in the mall. Using the...