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    Lajos menu buttons will work now.

    Well, see the news. This is great. :)
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    First January will the new Lajo site be launched.

    Hello. For those asking, the new website will be launched on the first next year. This also affects the keyprogram that will be launched on the same date. I post the email Lajo sent to me: The new site is set to go up January 1st 2004, I was hoping for it to go up before that but it is...
  3. M has been updated...

    Well, A pretty big update since no other products then the iSkin and promotion for the 2 for 1 deal. If this is the key-program I'm disapointed because the 10$ coupon I would realy like. Well, the new 2 for 1 sounds great and if the 10$ coupon will come that is perfect, an ICE and a PEARL eXo...
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    Lajo; will the new Key-Program offer rebate on TPU-bags?

    Well, The topic says it all. I'd realy love this when I have an old stiff TPU that came with my old eXo. The shipping would have been payed by the costumer
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    iSkin eXo 2 review and iSkin coustumer experience.

    Hello. For 3 days ago, I ordered my iSkin 2 from and I say that it has worked out great. They shipped the day after I ordered and today DHL was here (and ####, from canada to sweden in 3 days). They have been great on customer service but it took a while to get a reply on my mails...
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    Does Brasso work well on scratch removal?

    I just got some scratches on my brand new iPod and yes, I'm ####ed. I tryed toothpaste and it didn't do anything. Now I'm thinking of trying Brasso or in a worst case scenario, Ice Cream. I have ordered a case so if I just can get the scratches of the front I will be all set. Best Regards Niclas
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    Anapod forum

    I think that we anapod users should have a forum for Anapod questions, feedback and so on. That would be great.
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    Exporting playlists

    Is there any way that I could export my playlists using iTunes?
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    Do I need to remake all my playlists...?

    ... If I take and deleat and then reloads every song in the library? Do they disapear when I clear the library but will the playlists remember what songs it had and put them in the playlist as soon as they get in the library? Regards Niclas
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    USB2 the same port as USB?

    Hello. I've always tought that USB2 had a different port then USB? Recently I've read a thread that made me wondering if I put them in the wrong place? I havent got my iPod yet so I cant test. I don't even know if my computer (Dell Dimension 8300) has USB2.
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    Download 2.01

    Where can I find this?
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    Formate the iPod the first time?

    Hello. Well, I had an iPod but sold it a while ago so I could update to the newest version and get an bigger iPod, hopefully it will come the next couple of days. I have read alot of questions of formating (I'm not sure if this is the correct word for it) it the first time and I wonder, just...
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    I want to burn iTunes.

    Yes, I'm serious. #### this program. Now I have tryed everything but it still wont find my burner. Well, It did this morning but then it said "Burner or Recording program not found" instead of the usual "No CD-recording software found". It worked once and the burners name showed up in the...
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    Ice or Snow? What is best looking?

    Well. I dont need to say more then the topic.
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    It found my burner, now it's gone.

    Hello. Yesterday i tryed burn a audio-cd in iTunes. At first it said that no disc-recording was found but later that night I got it working, I have no idea what i did. Now this morning, the same problem. It says that i dont have a cd-recorder. I have the latest drivers and so and it worked...