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    Has my 3G finally died?

    I hadn't used it for a couple of months. Now it's behaving very erratically. Either it won't mount at all, or it will crash the Finder, or it will mount and crash iTunes. OSX hard resets are sometimes needed as Finder will not relaunch, I've even had my first ever OSX entire system freeze...
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    FS: Marware 3G CEO Classic case

    I have a brand new 3G CEO Classic case for sale, still in its original package (unopened, as I already have the case from a different source - it's a great product, btw, see the lounge review... ;)) I'm looking for a buyer within the EU (inc UK) to keep shipping prices down and avoid duty - I'm...
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    Ipod alarm going off without provocation, causing marital discord

    I've been off on holiday with my ipod for a couple of weeks, and I was using it as an alarm clock (well, trying to). Encountered some strange stuff: On first setting an alarm, it failed to go off. When I checked the iPod, it seemed to have reset itself (got Apple logo on startup, with a long...
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    Windows 98SE and MC9?

    I've been having a few (minor, on reflection) troubles with EphPod so I thought I would give MC9 a try. I've spent the last couple of hours installing it, reconfiguring my iPod to work with it, and experimenting. A very frustrating couple of hours it has been. MC9 has crashed on me 3 times...
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    Ongoing EphPod oddities

    A couple of weeks ago I posted about problems I was having with composer tags, and no-one seemed to be able to resolve that issue. I still have no composer tags visible on the iPod, despite tagging the composer field in id3tagit (the tags are correctly showing up in Winamp and WMP9). This...
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    Quick idiot question about queueing/playlists on 2G models

    I'm in the rather peculiar position of being a 3G (first-time) iPod owner who has just bought a 2G model (for my wife). It simply hadn't occurred to me that the 2G wouldn't have song queueing or OTG playlist creation. But... as far as I can see it doesn't! Am I dreaming?? This seems to me to...
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    Need a pink case, not iSkin

    OK, I need a pink case for a 2G 10 gig iPod (don't ask). Any suggestions? Please, not an iSkin.
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    Leaving a charged iPod in its box for five months, untouched

    I've just bought my wife a refurb 2G 10gig iPod - I'm going to give it to her for Christmas. But I want to charge it up, convert it to WiPod, update the firmware and load it up with songs now already, check it's OK. Am I going to be OK doing that then putting it back in its box for several...
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    Unwanted GEN: playlists

    When I use EphPod to upload playlists to my iPod, it insists on adding genre playlists. But I don't *want* genre playlists. I already have the 'browse - genre' option! Go away genre playlists! Go away! How do I make them go away? Note: I think this stems from once having mistakenly...
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    Total wireless-ness

    Someone else has probably said this, if not why not?? The iPod is a cutting edge gadget, no doubt about it. Apple design is meant to lead the way, innovate. If you ask me, they missed the boat with the third generation. They really should have gone totally wireless. Integrated bluetooth...
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    Updating Mac iPod firmware on a Win98SE PC - can it be done?

    I will shortly be the owner of a 15gb iPod which I intend to use with my PC running Win98SE via EphPod and Macopener. I don't have access to a WinNT or WinXP machine to "window-ise" the iPod, nor do I have access to a Mac to update the firmware. Am I going to be able to update the firmware on...