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    Making iTunes (mac) look like Windows

    Hi everyone, Is there a way of making iTunes display the Library, like in Windows? Maybe I'm blind, but I can't find how to do it. I found a picture here. Basically, I want iTunes to display my library with the three boxes at the top- Genre, Artist and Album. Surely there must be a way of...
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    I loveed my iSkin, until I noticed something today. It had made a small, shallow dent in the back of my iPod where the belt clip attachment is. Oh well. Such is life.
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    What? #### dog!

    A month since I got my 15Gb iPod, and nowit's totally screwed. And I'm so sad. :( I had left my iPod charging on the desk. I found it later in my Dog's bed, after hunting for it. He had climbed up onto the desk, grabbed it in his mouth, went back to his bed and knawed on it. It still...
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    New Computer, same Pod

    Hi, I'm getting a new computer next week (Specs are under name if you're interested- probably not. :D) Anyway, before I go plug my iPod int my new PC and load the software, is there anything I should do to sto pall my music being erased from my iPod (If it happens)? I used Ephpod, if that...
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    It's been a week since I bought my new iPod. I've been so careful with it, and I can already see some tiny scratches on the back. I really need the new iSkin case. How long are they going to take? :D And then I thought today- how about an iSkin remote case? Now that would be cool...
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    YeY- It works/rocks/owns

    Boy was I lucky. I walked into PC World (Our version of CompUSA, I guess) and searched around for the iPod's. I walked to the Apple section, and walked past the iMac's (Mmmm... iMac's :D) and then found an empty iPod display case. I nearly cried. I thought I might aswell check to see if they...
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    2.0 Us

    Hey, Like the majority of Europe, I'm annoyed with the French law restricting volum to 100Db. Is there any place where I can download a copy of American 2.0 firmware? Thanks
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    Advice needed for a Newbie

    Hi, Never previously owning an iPod (Or an MP3 player for that matter) I'm kinda confused. I know that an iPod is definately the right way to go, but I'm not sure whether or not I should splash out on a Gen3 model. What are the advantages of the Gen 3 iPod compared to a Gen 2? I'm only...