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    Ultimate Ears MetroFi 220vi?

    Anyone know where I can buy Ultimate Ears MetroFi 220vi from?
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    Armband Case

    Hiya, I'm after an armband case for my iPhone. Want to put it in an armband whilst I go out cycling. Just wondered if anyone can recommend any? I've gotta biggish arms as well, so some that I'd seen on ebay didn't appear to be big enough. So again, any recommendations would be appreciated :)
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    Podcast Subscription???

    Hi all, never really looked into Podcasts, so am after some advice please. I downloaded the Chris Moyles (BBC Radio 1) podcast last night, well I subscribed to it. So iTunes downloaded it and added it to my iPhone. The question I have is, will the podcast download weekly? And also, will the...
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    iPod - iTunes - CD Freezing PC

    Hi all, just wondering if someone can offer me some advice please. When I connect my iPod to my PC, iTunes fires up. Then if I insert a CD which I would like to transfer to my iPod, the PC just freezes and means that I have to power off the PC in order to carry on with what I was doing. Anyone...
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    Query: Shuffle One Playlist

    Hi, my missus is having a party this Saturday and we've put together a playlist from all of the guests. However, last time we did this at New Year, the shuffle wasn't too random in it's selections. It just took songs from the first 3/4 albums and played them for a couple of hours before moving...
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    Shuffle Songs From 1 Playlist

    As above, does anyone know how I can go about shuffling songs automatically from one playlist? Having a do at home for New Year, and have got people to give me lists of there favourite songs, so have made up one huge playlist, but rather than play songs one after the other in order, I wondered...
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    Logic3 i-Station8 query

    Hi all, I've got a Logic3 i-Station8 and have a query with it. Say I'm listening to an album whilst I'm out and about, get home and plug it into the Logic3 i-Station8, for some reason it goes straight into "shuffle" mode automatically, rather then letting me just carry on with the album / song I...
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    iPod 5th Gen 30GB Pink Leather Case

    Hi all, my girlfriend is after a pink leather case for her 30GB iPod. Was gonna go for the Piel Frama version, but it doesn't appear to have good reviews as it doesn't fit snug enough :( she'll be gutted about that as well as she liked the vivid pink colour. Can anyone recommend a decent pink...
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    Original iPod Earphones

    Hi all, my girlfriend has managed to break my headphones :( Was just using the standard one's and am quite happy to continue using them, well a working set. Just wondered if there is anywhere in the UK that sells them, and if so where? Also, a mate mentioned that you can register your iPod...
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    iTunes Help - moving library

    Hi all, had a nightmare on Sunday where my PC died on me, managed to do a restore and have saved my iPod folder which has all my MP3's and videos in it. However, this is just the folder containing the mp3s and videos, and I still need to install iTunes again. Question is, how do I reinstall...
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    iTunes Help - moving library

    Hi all, had a nightmare on Sunday where my PC died on me, managed to do a restore and have saved my iPod folder which has all my MP3's and videos in it. Question is, how do I reinstall iTunes without having to lose everything from my iPod just to put it all back on again? Got a 30GB 5G iPod if...
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    Video Bug

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone might know a cure for a little glitch that I get whilst playing videos occassionally. This doesn't happen on any one specific video, just every now and then at random. When I play the a video, it seems to take an age to play it and will just freeze on a black...
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    iTrip - 5G

    Hi all, just wondered if anyone knew where to get the new iTrip that works with the new 5G iPod from the UK. As all the links on this site are for the US. Any help would be appreciated ;)