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    iTrip not available in Canada

    Just found out that the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission) has not yet approved the iTrip for 3G iPods for sale or use in Canada. The only place to get one is in the U.S. and to "illegally" smuggle it across the border. Like we haven't waited long enough. Ah...
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    iPod Peripherals & Firmware

    Check out the following link for the scoop... Check here. Macman.
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    Less expensive E2s

    I found a Shure Authorized dealer in the U.S. that is selling the E2s for considerably less than anywhere else I've looked. I can personally vouch for him too as I just receieved about $1000 USD worth of Shure merchandise from him for use with my band. I'd be happy to pass along his contact...
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    E2s & Foamies

    I have fallen in love with my Shure E2s! I was a little scared at first before receiving them as I've never used in-ear's before and there were a lot of posts about them being hard to get used to and being uncomfortable. But, I bit the bullet and ordered a pair as part of a package with the...
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    Ripped off by fellow iPodlounger!

    So here?s the story and if anyone has any tips on what recourse I have I?d be much appreciative. A while back I posted an ad in the classified section here on iPodlounge looking to buy a set of Shure E2 earphones. A little while later a pair came available through another iPodlounge member...
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    iSkin eXo Clip Busted

    I love my new eXo but after a WHOLE week I am now left with a useless product. Don't ask me how, but the belt clip somehow decided it had a slit personality. Unclipping it tonight, when I raised the iPod to my desk I noticed that the large part of the clip was still attached to the iPod. The...
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    iSkin EXO Group Buy?

    In response to Lajo's most recent post, are there any other iPodders in the Toronto, Canada area that would be interested in a group buy? Maybe even Canada wide if you're willing to chip in a little extra for the shipping. This is my rationale. 1 iSkin for the new 3G iPod is selling for $29.99...
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    Where to buy Earphones in Toronto?

    Hey all. I'm new to the whole iPod craze but I have quickly come to the conclusion that I need better earphones. Not many online retailers service outside the US unfortunately, not to mention shipping and customs charges. I'd like to know if anyone has any experience finding earphones at a...
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    WTB: Anyone wnat to sell their Shure E2's?

    Finally decided I want the E2's. Anyone have a set they don't want or need anymore? Please let me know. Thanks, Macman.
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    Only 13.9 GB!

    I'm sure this has been mentioned before and that there are probably tons of excuses, but I have to say I'm disappointed to learn that my new iPod only has a 13.9 GB capacity. I feel a little ripped off. That extra 1.1 GB is a lot of songs. Maybe it's just me but when I bought something that...