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    If it feels like your brain is vibrating...

    then can I assume the IEM's are properly seated? I just got my UE 5 Pros and suddenly I feel like I've never heard music before. The freakiest thing was hearing the hard drive on my 3G iPod spin up. I tried these on while my father was talking to me; I could see his lips moving but...
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    Headphones for walking, studying

    I just bought a 2G Nano to replace my 3G iPod. I have the Apple headphones, of course, and a set of Koss KSC-35. I have always preferred the sound of the Koss headphones, but they have never been all that comfortable for long term use. I am looking, perhaps in vain, for a set of headphones that...
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    DLO Action Jacket for sale

    I got a black DLO Action Jacket with my G3 iPod. I don't like it. I have had it for a week, and it is still in good condition (How much can you mess something up in a week? Wait, don't answer.). First post in this thread to say they want it gets it. $20 plus $5 shipping. Payment via PayPal is...
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    Leather case for g3 30?

    So I am just about ready to order the leather case from Booq when I see that XtremeMac is coming out with a case; OBTW, Marware is shipping the CEO Classic. I'm ready to pitch my Action Jacket, so it is time to decide what will replace it. I didn't see any pictures of the case with the cover...
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    A question of protocol

    A brief question on the protocol of selling is this group. I placed a FS ad and had two responses, both of whom now want to but the product. I agreed to sell to the first person who specifically stated they wanted to buy it, but had another email later from someone, who responded to my post...
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    G3 ipod and Koss KSC 35 case?

    Does anyone know of a case that would allow me to carry both my G3 ipod and KSC-35 headphones as one unit?
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    Auto charger and cased iPod

    I have read here that charging your ipod in a case can be a very bad thing. But I have an hour commute to school and have always used an auto charger. I will be playing music while my G3 ipod is plugged in to the charger--is this a problem? I have an Action Jacket, and while it is great for my...
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    The King is dead, long live the King

    The people around me have tired of my gushing over my new G3 iPod, so I am forced to continue here. My faithful 5GB ipod died, I think because the cable I was using to recharge it put stress on the firewire port. I know the connections were broken (It was dead, so I did an autopsy). I love it...
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    Deconstructing a 5GB ipod

    My 5GB ipod has died. I know the problem is in the firewire connector, but I can't get at the bottom of the circuit board to check it out. How do you remove the circuit board from the case? I have already replaced it with a 3G 30GB, so killing it more doesn't bug me that much. I would like to...