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    People with 160gb Classics only, please test this quickly for me

    If you hold seek during a song and to fast foward it, do you hear (A). Complete silence 90% of the time or (B). Sound output coming out the entire time during fast fowarding? This is all you have to do and I have a reason for asking this. Thank you for anyone that wants to take 2 seconds to...
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    6G Classic owners, please try this and tell me if your iPod does this

    This is a brand new 160 gig iPod I got, with only 50 gigs of music on it. When I am playing in a song, if I click the "menu" button, and then go back to "now playing", the song cuts out for a second or two, and then continues playing. It does this everytime. It also does this sometimes when I...
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    How come classics fast foward different than 5/5.5G's?

    Before anyone thinks I am anal or nuts, I listen to a lot of electronic set music (60 minute + tracks with a bunch of songs back to back). My 5.5G would fast foward and allow you to hear the song as it's fast fowarding, but in fast motion. But the classic blanks out while you are fast fowarding...
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    Flawless condition 160 gb iPod w/ Speck Toughskin (used for only 3 days after new)

    I bought a brand new sealed 160 gb iPod, but realized I liked my old school iPod a little better. I did not use the iPod at all until my Speck Toughskin cover came in, and it sat in my drawer in the box, because I did not want to scratch it. I used the actual iPod for only 3 days. It comes with...
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    Says you need 10 posts to post in classified, but I can't?

    I am trying to post a classified, and I read the stickies and it says you must have at least 10 posts to post in there, and as you can see I have over 10, but still cannot post there? Thanks.
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    Car Audio

    Is anyone here into car audio? If so post your setups? Eclipse CD 4000 Head Unit Rainbow SLC 265 Components eD Nine.2 for speakers 12 inch RE XXX eD Nine.1 for sub
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    160gb brand new classic going staticky during songs?

    woops woops!!! woops
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    iPod Car Solution for 6 bucks?

    Hey guys. I have an Alpine CDA 7893 Head Unit in my car. I have an Itrip now, but it blows. I wanna connect my iPod to my headunit, but i am very cheap, and i don't need amazing sound or to be able to control it from the head unit, i just want it to work basically. Do i really need a Sik Imp...
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    Itrip Problem (yep, another one)

    My Itrip has been working perfectly, i use it at 87.9, and i get clear broadcasts. But sometimes i notice the Itrip just stops transmitting, the LED will be on, but it won't take over the station. What gives? Its like the Itrip just isn't transmittiing anything, its all plugged in also. I...
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    Itrip and Aftermarket Headunits

    My headunit cannot tune to every station, it only lets me go to stations getting good signals. If i go to a blank station, the tuner will just go right past it. sometimes my local stations will not come in good, and i can't even tune into them. If i use an Itrip, will my headunit be able to...
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    What are my options here for my Trans Am WS6?

    Hello. I have an Aftermarket Alpine Head Unit in my car, i dont remember the model number, but it is about 3 years old, so it doesn't have any of the Ipod stuff the new alpines have. First of all, there is no manual tune on it, it only seeks, and won't play stations that don't come in. What...