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    WTB: Ipod Classic

    Looking for an Ipod Classic. It can be 80 GB if need be. Pm Me with pictures and description. Thanks
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    Hard cases and Drops

    I have an Iskin Evo3 for my 5th gen. I really love it because i feel it's safe if i would happen to drop it. I'd get the new iskin, but it has had some bad reviews and I also don't think i would get it in time for Christmas(is the shipping still being delayed). Ive been looking into hard ones...
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    How to convert to mp3!

    I Downloaded some songs from URGE. They are WMA files...and are protected. Are there any programs that can convert them to some sort of file that will work with my ipod?
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    The Best Converting Program Yet!

    I have been using videora for my videos, but had problems with audio and such. Then i found Jodix free ipod converter....its faster than videora, no sound problems yet, and you can set ur video and audio quality seperate and higher than videora. Its free too! Check it out...
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    New Software - Turning backlight on and off! Changed!

    Ok before the new ipod software came out, you coud hold MENU to turn the backlight on and holding MENU makes it go back to the main menu! doesnt turn on/off the backlight! I used that all the time! like when it was dark i couldnt see to turn on the backlight, you just hold menu. Did...
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    DVD Decrypter is NOT recognizing my DVDs!

    ok so when i put my DVDs into the tray and open up DVD decrypter, its not recognising them, it just says medium not present. ive tried this with multiple doesnt work. how can i get it to recognize my DVDs or what other programs can i get?
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    2 Ipods - ONE pc - 2 seperate Libraries?

    ok so i have an ipod video and my own itunes library. Now my brother is getting a nano. Is there a way to have 2 seperate itunes librarys on the same computer?
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    I need a good FREE dvd ripper!

    any1 know of a good FREE dvd ripper? it appears dvd decrypter is no longer available
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    "Drag Album Art Here" has dissappeared!!

    ok before my hard drived on my pc crashed i had itunes..and it had a box on the left that said "drag album art here" now after downloading itunes doesnt....i want to put album art in and i dont knwo now!
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    Woot!! Just got my Evo3!! Reveiw and pics!

    Woot!! Just got my Evo3!! Review and pics! Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Hello, i just got my iskin evo3 today. I ordered it from Iskin through on the Thursday before Christmas. So far i am very happy with it! the VISOR is amazing! The 2 main...
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    Hard Drive Crashed!! Help getting music back on!!

    ok so my Hard Drive just crashed and i lose everything..all my music, vids, ect. I have a new Hard Drive now... thes ongs are still on my ipod and i want to get them back on my compluter. how can i do this? any1 know any programs that are free? also what should i do to make sure i dont lose...
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    Ipod NOT showing all songs for Artist!

    ok when i click on an wont show all the songs i have for only shows like 1 or 2.... this isnt for all artists..but some of them it is....and i know that my songs are on there, cuz when i go to "all songs" they are in there... help please!
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    How do i put on Album Art?

    Hi, i just recieved my new ipod...i was just wandering how i put album art into it? i have heard about some amazon plugin deal? can som1 explain to me how to put album art into my ipod!? thanks
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    you got to be kidding me!!!! CHECK THIS OUT!

    OK so i was gonna buy the 30 gig eclipse iskin evo3 2 days ago....the next morning it was out of stock!!! and as you know now..they like are all out of stock!! i was waiting and waiting....and i was getting im like hey..let me just check amazon...and sure enough the only available...
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    black ipod - iskin - arctic? or eclipse?

    what iskin do i want with my black ipod? arctic or eclipse? any1 got pics of 1 in an arctic case? the problem with eclipse is...its out of stock...and i have no clue when it will be back in stock..and i need this case as soon as possible!