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    FS: Lacie d2 3TB Thunderbolt drive, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, and iPad cases

    I have a boatload of stuff for sale. Feel free to look at more pictures on photobucket. Each of the headings is a link. Prices are OBO, but do NOT include shipping or paypal fees. Annex iPhone 5 or 5S case Annex case with a built in bottle opener that slides in and out. Used it for about a...
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    Sidebar issues

    I am using Chris_Mrazeks iTunes Gadget for my sidebar. I upated to 7.7.1 last week and now the gadget will open iTunes, but once open the Gadget gets killed. Can't do anything from the gadget. Anyone else having the same issues? Any idea how to fix it?
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    motorola s9 issues

    I recently bought some moto s9 headphones and am having issues. I have searched to no avail. I can pair the phones with all my devices (Treo 700, Dell D820 laptop with internal bt, and iPod with zoom ihifi bt transmitter). I can set them all to wireless stereo and they all support a2dp. I can...
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    Motorola S9

    I have searched and not found anyone with this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I bought a set of motorla S9's recently. I have had no problems pairing them with all of my bluetooth devices. Treo 700, Dell D820 laptop and an iPod via Zoom iHifi bluetooth transmitter. All devices...
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    Selecting multiple tracks freezes iTunes

    Well I searched. Here and on the net. Whenever I am trying to select more than one track at a time, using either SHIFT or CTRL, iTunes just freezes. It takes forever to select the files. If I am using CTRL it will only select 2 and then iTunes just craps. This is very frustrating as I am trying...
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    FS 4th Generation 40GB iPod

    I have a 4th generation 40GB iPod that was just replaced by Apple. It is refurbished and used only to make sure it is working. Does NOT do pictures or videos and does NOT have a color screen. Refurbished units (just like this one) are about $220 from Apple without a dock, charger, sync cable...