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    Interesting Skipping Problem

    Maybe my iPod 5G is showing it's age now, but one album on my iPod won't play. I get around two minutes into any of the songs and it skips to the very end and freezes there. I can skip to the next track and it won't play it, but if I go back to the menu, click forward again and reselect the song...
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    Playing iPod in Car

    Say you don't want to spend $99 on something that plays your iPod through the FM radio. If the vehicle I use only has the cigarette lighter spot/ac adapter, is there anything I can buy that will allow me to play the iPod in the vehicle? It's a 2006 Hyundai with a CD system. A 12 volt, 120 w...
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    Converting 192 to 128

    I've ripped all my music at 192kbps VBR AAC and due to some (now, although I'm only nineteen) hearing problems, I can no longer tell the difference like I could before between the two bit rates. To save battery life and space on my iPod, I've been seriously considering converting all of those...
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    Missing Songs After Transfer

    I use a Mac, and have four iPods, but this year I'm so disappointed with what they've come out with that I will be buying a Zune to replace my two years old 80GB 5'th gen. I already put all my music onto the PC in the house which was no easy task since I use an external drive that is formatted...
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    Battery Life Just Took A Huge Dive, Why?

    I've had my iPod 5'th gen (80GB) since January 07, and when I did my battery test around five months ago it got 23 hours of playback, well above the 20 hours it said it is. I'm happy about that. Since then though I'd been buying music like crazy and putting more and more on it and now with only...
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    Beatles songs Coming to iTunes

    Breaking Paul McCartney Signs $400 Million iTunes Deal For The Beatles Catalog Finally! Paul McCartney has signed a $400 million deal, which will see the Beatles catalog make its way to iTunes, at long last. Though McCartney will probably make off with the lion's share of the cash sum, Ringo...
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    Nintendo the Apple of Games?

    This idea has been floating in my head for awhile. I've really started to believe that Nintendo is the equivalent of Apple in the game world. The reason I say this has to do with several things: Aesthetics, innovation, and features. Just like when you saw the iPod Nano or the iPod Shuffle 2G...
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    Can't Click For Details

    I was reading the review for the 1'st gen Nano and when I clicked the "click for details" portion it wouldn't drop down the usual text. Thinking it was the browser (Firefox) I opened Safari and it did the same thing. That's never happened before. Maybe the site change did it? I need so...
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    Differentiating 1 and 2GB Shuffles

    When the original Shuffle was released engraved on the USB stick (I think) was the capacity of either 512mb or 1GB. The 1GB shuffles during the second generation never had this because it was the only model released. Now that they have a two gigabyte model released, are they going to engrave the...
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    Need Immediate Help

    I have a Belkin Wireless router hooked up via ethernet cable to the PC downstairs and transferring wireless to Airport on the Mac. Well it came to my attention today after I installed XP on the Macbook and it connected to the router that another router was there and secured, a Linksys, probably...
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    Stuck Pixels to return?

    I had quite a scare today and I'm unsure of the ramifications. While at the coffee shop the iPod touch was sitting on the table and while my dad was talking to me a piece of coffee spit, just a little circle landed right on the touch halfway on the bezel and halfway on the glass. I quickly wiped...
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    Party Poker for Mac

    My dad loves playing on PC and I use a Mac and would like to play with him since he spends more time with that than doing anything else. I saw on the site that it was available for Mac and followed the instructions, however the download that pops up is an exe file, not the pkg that...
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    Syncing Times for you.

    I read iLounge's review, and it said it took them 17 minutes to load the Touch. I got my 16GB and on first out of box charge and sync, it took 1 hour and 5 minutes to sync it to full capacity. That is a long time. How about you?
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    Terrible iPod Touch

    I received my "new" 16GB iPod Touch that I ordered from yesterday. I have to fight back anger in writing this, as you'll soon find out why. I was very excited to receive it until opening it and removing the plastic, when I saw there not only some little air "pops" in the screen, but...
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    Audience for the iPod Touch (?)

    Who do you think the main audience for the iPod touch is? It's the most expensive iPod, so do you think a lot of high-schoolers or college folk will have it? Is it ultimately a geek or Apple fan device? Is it for everybody? What do you think? How many people have you seen with it?