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    iPhone Syncing saga

    Sync process failed again after trying and experimenting over the last day. What I try to do now is to sync with zero (no music) on the iphone. That seems to clear the iphone and organize the directory for the next second sync, with actual music. The second sync only adds my playlists. so...
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    Import a TXT or CSV playlist to ITUNES - fail

    Have some external files with PLAYLISTS of songs that I want to import into ITUNES. These playlists do not have associated music, but do have the artist name and song name only. Of course know that ITUNES needs to have the songs exist, and my library has a pretty good diversity. So have a good...
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    Iphone 5 FLASHLIGHT - freeze it literally

    I found that when I start to have problems with the flashlight on my Iphone 5 its usually because of the internal safety circuit that detects the heat on the device. It will shut down the flash on the IPHONE 5. To fix it I put the iphone in the freezer for 15 minutes, and when it comes out and...
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    Top Itunes - external tools

    So after working with ITunes to fix a lot of my music, am finding that a few tools are very useful. Figure I will create a list for others. 1) ITUNES LIBRARY TOOLKIT - fixes and removes any dead links to songs. very useful when you change song locations. 2) ICOVERART - a little buggy...
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    5ghz upgrade to router

    So I have a 2.4ghz router provided by AT&T for my home Internet. Wanted to add on 5ghz via a wired access point. So looked at options to use existing cheap routers or other similar dual band devices. Wow. They all cost too much. Ended up ordering a generation two Airport Express used for $30...
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    There are four apps that can play ULTRAVIOLET movies. Effectively making the UV system your personal NETFLIX application. But it cost you dollars to put movies on ULTRAVIOLET. And the playback is with DOWNLOAD or it is STREAMING. Which is not always reliable. Can others post their...
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    Jailbroken Unlocked 3GS - done

    Well since i spent a whole day trying and succeeding in restoring my iphone 3gs to a working unlocked iphone, figure i might share it with others out there who did this. Its completely legal to do this as recently discussed in various news and law discussions. First why? Well you can get a...
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    Free Tunebuds for Nano first generation

    My wife bought some Tunebuds for Nano first generation. I have a second gen, so I need to give them away. I will send them to you free, if you give me $2 for postage via Paypal. Just email me at ktjensen (at) gmail (dot) com
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    Giving away Griffen tunebud 1G nano

    I bought the wrong earphones for my 2G nano. these TUNEBUD headphones only work with a 1G nano. Not worth it for me to ship them back. Anyone want them for the shipping cost only? I think shipping is like $5 anywhere in USA (I will only ship in the USA). First one to respond and PAYPAL me...
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    2nd Gen cases - which have good port access?

    I am thinking of getting the new Speck Toughskin 2TOUGH case for the 2nd generation IPOD nano. This is the one on their web site. It just came out, and is being sold through the web site only. I wanted something to make the nano 2nd generation get bigger in size, so my...
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    Alternate Music Video sources

    It looks like the Itunes store does not have everything that I would want for Music Videos. Does anyone know of an alternative source for Music Videos? Kevin
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    Lyrics and Artwork at the same time??

    Is there any way to display the Artwork of an album, and the Lyrics at the same time? I see a ton of applications that can import lyrics into Itunes, and store them as a part of the song. BUT NOT A SINGLE APPLICATION to pull the lyrics from the stored location (already in itunes) and display...
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    Sorting your collections - IS HARD WORK!!

    There is a confusing list of ways to sort out music between the ITUNES application and the IPOD itself. Look at what COMPILATIONS, and what ALBUM ARTIST, and what GROUPING, and what GENRE, and what PLAYLIST (super), and what even a simple ALBUM all mean. If you read (do a search) about how...