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    I recently accrued some cheapo sony buds.

    Hey Guys I recently got a sony MDR-J10 to work out in the gym. I love my sony in-ear buds, but I want somethin a little cheaper to be gym only buds. I hope they actually sound better than the stock bud, but it it doesnt no biggie. only out kike 10 bucks! ANY HELP WOULD BE APRECIATED...
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    Putting my music from my win formated 5g to my macbook

    Hey guys. I was just wondering what the BEST and EASIEST way to rip my music from my windows xp formatted 5g ipod onto my macbook is; if it is even possible. Any pointers to websites and turorials would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
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    Mac site/forums

    Hey guys, Im pretty new to the mac community, I dove in. I bit the bullet and bought a new macbook, along with the wireless mighty mouse, a nifty bag, and ms office. I got a sweet deal with my student discount. I never thought I would say this about my ...ahem... formerly beloved ...Dell PC...
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    Little ipod annoyances

    This is my 3rd ipod ive had in my live and Ive enjoyed each and every one. Ive had my 5g for a few months, and there have been a few little nagging problems that dont really hinder with the performance of the device, but I would like to see if there is any remedy to these problems 1. I have...
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    Quick question about album art

    Hey guys, whatsup. I was just wondering if there was a way to get album art from itunes or anyother source on the net from albums previously ripped to the computer. I have an older ipod, so i had no use for album art in the past. Now that I am upgrading to a dazzling 5G, album art would...
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    Help, oh god please help

    haha, im really not in that much dispair, but this does indeed suck. anyways I recently got some apple in ear headphones back in may. They worked great for a few weeks, almost a month, then boom! Suddenly the right bud sounded ALOT weaker than the left. Well, needless to say i called apple and...
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    Very happy new shuffle owner

    Hey guys, just wanted to say that ive had a 4g 20gb ipod for sometime now. eversince the shuffle came out ive been hankerin for one. I finally got a 1gb yesterday, and i like it alot. Its not perfect, but it is much more practial to tote it around campus rather than my fullsized ipod. Anyways...
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    Warantee on remote

    Hey. The wire comming out of the headphone jack plug of my remote is becoming worn and the inner wires are now exposed. I was just wondering if that is covered under warantee, and if it is if I could go to an Apple store and exchange it or if I would have to send it in by mail. Thanks!
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    Guys, I think the mini is in a buncha trouble

    Okay dudes. Here is my humble opinion. The ipod is a great gadget. Cool, slick design with a pretty impressive capacity and is accompanied by the best music playing software around- itunes. I never really liked the mini. I mean come on man, its only 4 gigs and for 50 bucks more you can get a...
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    new ipod battery

    Okay, I just bought a brand new 4gen ipod on saturday. Its real bad### but I got one problem: the battery life is supposed to be 12 hours but I am getting nothing close to that. Whenever i turn my ipod on when it is fully charged, after about 20 min, the battery signal goes down about a fifth...