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    iPod's HDD

    I recently witnessed a dissection of a 40 GB iPod, and noticed how tiny the HDD was. It is smaller than any PCMCIA HDD I have seen. Does anyone know if someone is working on a way to hack the HDD's proprietary interface to a PCMCIA interface? The Toshiba 5 GB PCMCIA HDD costs way too much for...
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    FM Modulator other than iTrip and Tunecast?

    I'm looking for an FM Modulator/Transmitter other than those two. I have the iTrip, do not like it. Had the newer tunecast, that whistle annoyed me to hell. Now I have the older style Tunecast. I love this thing, but the small amount of channels is killing me. I just drove through NYC with...
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    Why do people complain about battery life?

    Last night i decided I wanted to see how long my battery would go before the iPod shut itself off. It ended up being 8 Hours 34 minutes. This is well above what Apple states. I plan on doing the test again today with the EQ on, but I don't expect it to go under 6.5-7 hours.
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    Best mp3 ripper?

    I currently use iTunes to rip my CD's into 160 kbps mp3's. I was recently told I should try another dedicated ripper. I have heard of EAC, and LAME, but do not know much about them. I really only have used MusicMatch and iTunes to rip CD's. And help and informations is appreciated.
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    firmware 2.1

    Do the benefits outweigh the problems? Does anyone think that I should use firmware 2.1 over 2.0.1? I do not use the voice recorder.
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    iPod randomly reset

    I just docked my iPod, and it began to sync, but then did a reset, and the apple logo came up. It booted fine, and still synces fine, but I just found that weird. Does anyone know why it would do that? Also, I am running firmware 2.0.2
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    Question about the pouch that the iPod comes with

    Has anyone used this pouch as the case? If so, how does it hold up? Does it scratch the iPod more than the slip case it come's with? I am thinking about using it because it is thinner and I do not need the belt clip on the slip case. Thanks for the help
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    Is the iSkin enough protection?

    I am eagerly awaiting for my iSkin to arrive tomorrow and was wondering if it enough protection. I keep my iPod in my pocket, and take it out only to turn it on, or switch the music. Do you all think that the iSkin offers enough protection so that I can leave my iPod in my pocket without fear...