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    Add Playlist feature in iOS4

    Why does the play list disappear after I sync the iphone? Is this a bug or does the play list only last until the next sync? This feature seemed pretty cool, but not if it gets deleted every time I sync.
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    WTB: 16gb Silver ipod nano broken

    I'm looking to buy a 4th gen Silver iPod Nano 16gb. No Broken screen or dents. other than that, i'll buy it for $50. Thanks!
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    Blue Screen when pluging ipod

    sometimes when i plug in the ipod, i get a blue screen error..i have uninstalled, the usb device, then re-installed, but i still get the errors
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    two problems

    when ever i update the ipod, it says "Update Complete" but it doesnt say "Ok to discconect" also, my videos won't play no more, i just see the artwork, and audio, just like a regular song.
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    iTunes Foler

    how do i change it? i tryed changin it in prefences, but it would end up in "my music" folder, i want it in my documents
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    Tranfering songs

    do i have to check all the songs to keep them? say if i wanna add one song, am i gonna have to check all the songs, that seems to happen to my ipod
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    DJ critikaL Presents: 2Pac - Nothing 2 Lose [MIXTAPE] [2006] Runtime: 48 Min. 54 Sec. ---------- File List: ---------- 00-2pac-nothing_2_lose_(mixtape)_(2006)_(cover).jpg 00-2pac-nothing_2_lose_(mixtape)_(2006)_(credits).txt...
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    Agent 18 Video Shield Question

    Ok, i bought a Agent 18 Video Shield for the 30 gigs iPod Video, but im going to get a 60 gig iPod, will it make a differance if I use the video shield for the 30 gig ipod?