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    Crackling Sound When Recording Video

    When I record a video with loud ambient noises or shouting, the mic crackles making the audio unbearable when playing back on a computer. Have any of you tried to test this? My nano is new and I have no problems with other features. just the recording of the sound.
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    Are You Willing To Pay $10 for newer iPod UI, 5th gen owners?

    Since the chip on the 5th gen is much more superior and I think is capable of newer iPod UI, are you willing to cough up bucks for this new eye candy from apple? since Apple doesn't want their revenues to plummet, this is a great alternative for those who seek their new UI. It's not much of a...
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    New Sonic The Hedgehog Game

    I Just saw from iTunes their new sonic game :D the official game page is not up yet.
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    New Problem on 5G video

    I found out that when you disconnect your iPod it will continue charging but after 1 minute it will display a fully charged icon. but on to it displays CHARGING and when you dc it the battery will not be full. anyone having this or maybe my iPod is just old :D 1.8 years already :D but still when...
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    iPod Nano 1.0.3 Bug Lists

    I Updated My iPod Nano to 1.0.3 and I did like some of it's added features but some I didn't like. 1.) iPod is slower in turning off 2.) iPod restarts when you make it do hard jobs (coverflow, Photos etc.) 3.) iPod Sometimes ignores input and it is really annoying, please release a fix for...
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    iPod 1.2.2 Update Mirror (Do You Have it?)

    Does anyone have an update file of 1.2.2 for iPod 5G and 5.5G? if so, please post the link here, thanks! or you can email it to me at [email protected] thanks!
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    iTunes Download -Can I Pause it?

    Can I pause iTunes download and leave for a week, will i still be able to redownload it? or will I download it again? and pay again?
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    16GB iPhone

    Originally from gizmodo what do you think?
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    What's On Your Nano?

    I Have 3.5GB of Music (750 Songs) 4.2GB of Vids ([email protected]) Ripped TV Shows how about you? OH and please include if you use games and cover flow!
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    iTunes US in Other Countries

    Well, i would just like to ask if it is possible to set up an itunes account using a gift card that is purchased for me by a friend in the states. I would just like to ask... 1.) can i set up an account? 2.) is there any limitations? like requiring a US address? 3.) is this legal? since i pay...
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    iTunes 8

    How would you picture the iTunes 8? for me... 1.) Support for iPod Touch HD 2.) Wi-fi wireless sync with the iPod Classic HD w/ wifi and Touch HD 3.) Cover flow like iPhone/Touch 4.) Cooler interface like the ones on iPhone/Touch 5.) Black and White Color Scheme 6.) Refreshed iTunes store w/o...
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    New interface of ipod to old ipods??

    is it possible to install the new interface of ipod classic and or nano to older colored ipod? I mean that in a hack way not in a apple can do it kind of way...