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    I want to create an MP3 CD from my .m4a files.

    I want to create an MP3 CD from my .m4a files. I want to keep the m4a files in iTunes. I made a playlist with the songs I want. I then dragged the songs from out of iTunes into a folder on my desktop. This copied all the .m4a files into that folder. Then I used dbpoweramp cd writer to...
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    Mozilla -> iPod Address Book Utility

    Hello. I just wrote a quick C++ app to transfer Mozilla generated .LDIF files to individual vCards for use with the iPod. If anyone is interested in using this command line utility, give me a PM.
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    Confirmed iPod bugs.

    Let's do our best to keep an accurate tally of the bugs introduced (or still existing) in iPod OS 2.0. Please only post to this thread if: 1. You have news that Apple has confirmed, acknowledged, or fixed one of the bugs mentioned here. If you can post a link to the confirmation, we'll edit...
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    Nice. Very Nice.

    iPod concept art
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    What one thing would you change about iPod?

    If you were Steve for a day, and could demand a single change for the iPod, what would it be?
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    Windows -> Mac

    I have a 15GB iPod, and currently use a windows machine. I have decided to go for a new Macintosh. What will I have to do to get my iPod working on the Mac? I want the full Mac iPod expirience, and do not have any need for windows compatibility. What needs to be done to move to Mac, but...
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    Macintosh Information?

    I realize we are not to discuss computing platforms at the iPodlounge, but it is time to purchase a new computer. This 1GHz PIII is old, and I have to do my part to keep the economy going. Can anyone recommend an Internet forum for newbies to Macs where I can ask technical informaiton and what...
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    Running case for new iPod?

    My wife has been stealing my "new" 15GB iPod as of late for her early morning running routine... I first found out when I noticed some very strange music loaded in there.... She had been SNEAKING it! Was too afraid to ask to use my baby! LOL! Anyway, she's just been holding the thing in her...
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    Wow... I sure wish I was that iPod!

    From the "iPods Around the World Photo Gallery"