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    Mail is Frozen

    Sorry if this is a repost, I tried searching and couldn't find an answer to my problem. I use Gmail as my Mail program on my iPod Touch. I can login to the email and see all of the messages (including new ones). I can scroll through the messages, but I can't click on a message, click refresh...
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    *****Cool iTunes Playlist Maker: The Filter*****

    I'm not making any money on this...I just think it's a cool tool. I had been going to and rating my songs on their preferences. My ratings got lost and I got frustrated so I started to look around for a tool that makes playlists for me. I found something called iCueMix. I...
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    iPod nano - Overseas Charging

    I want to take my nano on a trip to Greece and Turkey. For charging the iPod, do I need a converter and an adapter or just an adapter? Thanks
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    Nike Sport Armband

    Nike Sport Armband [Review Up!] Go to and check out the Nike Sport Armband...what are your thoughts?
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    ezGear clearCase nano (case or armband) Just posted today. Could be a good bet for me. I'm looking to possibly replace my iSee case and I've been looking for an armband that shows off my nano.
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    Podcast Problem

    I have this problem where in iTunes, it downloads a second copy of my podcasts. I deleted this second copy and the podcasts themselves stopped working. In the end I dumped all my podcasts, resubscribed and redownloaded them. It downloaded a second copy for one of them, but I just left it alone...
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    Speck Products

    Has anyone had any contact with this company? I've sent two emails and left one phone message and no one has replied. Their products look great, but there customer service is awful.
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    Colorwared nano has arrived!

    I received my nano a few minutes ago and it is currently charging. So, I snapped off a few pics for you to see. I went with a techno body and a smoke wheel.
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    Earphone Wire Discoloration Question

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. I received my Etymotic ER6i earphones in the mail today. Straight out of the package I noticed a small discoloration in the wire that runs into my iPod. I'm a perfectionist, so it stood out to me. What would you do in this...
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    Speck Armband

    Does anyone know what the skin looks like that is included with the Speck Armband found here: If it's clear, I might go with that one b/c it will show off my colorware painted nano the best.
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    Shure E2c vs. Ety ER6i vs. UE sf3

    I would like to pick up a pair of in-ear monitors and given my budget, these are my top choices right now: Shure E2c Sound Isolating Earphones ($100) Etymotic Research ER6i Isolator Earphones (Normally $150/Can get them for $100) ultimate ears 3 studio earphones ($100) What should...
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    Mods: Question on Earphones

    Questions on Earphones What earphones do you own or have tried (list all if you don't mind)? What are pros and cons you see in them? What pair do you recommend for each budget (Under $75, Under $125, Under $250, etc)?
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    ***Help me Choose!***

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. My finalists are: Sony MDR-EX51/71/81 ($40/50/50) Shure E2c Sound Isolating Earphones (Normally $100/Can get them for $86) Etymotic Research ER6i Isolator Earphones (Normally $150/Can get them for $95) ultimate ears 3...
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    Earphones under $150 VOTE

    I'm having trouble choosing some earphones Which earphones do you have and write some pros and cons about them? Sony MDR-EX51 ($40) - Heard that they are the same as 71's, but with better cord length (from a Sony Store employee) Sony MDR-EX71 ($50) - Heard that without extension cord, too...
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    iTunes Update Question

    If I just want to update it, do I have to redownload the setup file and reinstall? It seems odd that I can’t just click update and the program takes care of the parts it needs…