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    Forum Upgrade Raves / Rants

    Love it? No? We'd like to hear what you think! Please contain comments about the forum upgrades in this thread. - iLounge Staff
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    Official iLounge Review Posted!!!

    iLounge's own Jeremy Horwitz has finished our official, insanely detailed full review of the 30GB/60GB 5th Generation iPods, and it has been posted on the main site... please take a look: Full Review
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    How do you like the new forum layout?

    Title says it all! What do you think of the new forum layout? We implemented this reorganization for simplicity, logic, and elimination of overlap. Mission accomplished?
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    Article of interest: iPod 201: Killer iTunes Add-ons

    Enjoy, plug-in seekers! iPod 201: iTunes Extreme: Killer iTunes Add-ons
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    Future iPod CONTEST - Design the next iPod, win new Ety Earphones!

    Attention iPod Imagineers: iPodlounge is running a new contest! Design the next (Flash-based?) iPod "micro," commonly rumored to be Apple's latest addition to the iPod family, and win a pair of Ety ER-4P iPod In-Ear Headphones, valued at over $300! See here for more details...
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    "A Short History of Nearly Everything"

    Hi all- (I'm actually not used to *starting* new topics here, as an Administrator... ;) ) I can't call myself an Audible aficionado or anything (I'm actually just using another free month deal I found), but I must admit that -- being the math/science geek that I am -- I am THOROUGHLY enjoying...
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    New registrees READ --- eMail problems!!

    New registrees ---- eMail Issues For those of you new members who haven't received your eMail activation codes, please see this announcement: Sorry for the trouble, and we'll get it fixed in a jiffy.
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    New iTunes for Windows SDK available!!!

    Check this out---- Go get 'em, developers!!
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    AZ -- iPod mini Stock (Gloating) :D

    Just thought I'd gloat. My college's (ASU) bookstore has around 30 minis in stock... Blue/Green/Silver/Gold. They're for sale at the educational price, too... $229. I could make a killing on eBay selling 5 or 10, ey???! :D eBay prices are $300-350.
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    FS: Speck Skin-Tight 3-Pack for iPod mini -- NEW in Sealed Box!

    I have a NEW, Sealed, package of Speck Skin-Tight cases for the iPod mini. Blue, Clear, and Green are included. The 3-Pack sells for $29.95 plus shipping from Speck, and current eBay prices are $24.00 plus shipping. I'm selling these for $20 shipped. Information on product...
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    FREE On 9/11 Hearings

    If you're into Audible, politics, and free stuff, I have a cool find for you... (Originally heard on Free on are audio recordings from all of the current 9/11 Commission Hearings. Search for "9/11 Commission" I have them all... they're great!
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    The Thread for Classical Music Listeners

    It's no secret that, especially here on iPodlounge, classical music fans are certainly not the majority. Our music forums are dominated by discussions about Pop, Rock, Electronica, and Hip-Hop.... which is certainly fine, and to be expected. :D While I listen to a WIDE variety of music, a...
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    New Feedback Sub-Forum

    This sub-forum has been created, in response to the requests of several users, to strengthen our Buyer/Seller Feedback capabilities. This sub-forum will be the location for ALL feedback-- Good or Bad... Buyer or Seller. Post NEW THREADS for each Member being discussed. All are free to...
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    iPodlounge E3C Review

    I will be doing the "official" iPodlounge review for the Shure E3C headphones. I don't *have* them yet, but should next week. The review should be available in approximately 2 - 2.5 weeks. Are there any specific questions you'd like to see answered?
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    iPod 101 Tutorial Suggestions (?):

    Forum-- For those of you who do not know, I author the iPod 101 Tutorial series for the main site. iPod 101 was intended to be a series for the "extreme" newbie to the iPod / iTunes. We have received a lot of positive feedback from such users in response to previous tutorial...