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    For Auction: Bose Roomate II Speakers

    For Auction: Bose Roomate II Description: Here are a pair of Bose Roomate II powered, portable speakers. They are 9 in. wide and 6 in. high. The grill on one of speakers is a little bent-up, but it still fits fine and there are some scratches on the boxes (nothing major). I had these in the...
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    Ship Dates from Apple

    Just ordered a blue Mini iPod from Apple and was given a month lead time. Is this the typical lead time these days from Apple, or do they actually ship earlier than the stated date?
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    Portable CMoy Amp for the iPod

    For Sale: Portable CMoy Amp for the iPod Price: $45.00 Shipped Payment: PayPal Only (must be from a verified account) Description: Sweet Looking Case! 10k pot Input/Ouput Jacks Green LED Toggle Switch 9v Battery Connector .1uf Input Caps 470uf Power Caps Kilo International Knob Images: If...
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    Vaja is Killing Me

    Am I the only person out there who has been waiting for a case for over two months? This is crazy. Placed the order on Feb. 2nd and still no case. I love there stuff, but this is getting to be to much. Interested to hear if anybody else is having this problem.
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    Any Rancid fans here? I am trying to find groups that are similar to their style of music. Thanks for any and all recommendations.
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    Screen Issues - Turning Black

    Just when everything was going all right, a problem occured. I was driving around this morning and had my iPod along for the ride. It is connected to my car radio via the Belkin FM unit. The iPod was resting peacefuly in it's case. Went to change the current song, when I noticed that part of the...
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    iPod Hacks

    Which iPod hacks are "must have"? I have a new 30 Gig model and would like to find a few things that make the iPod Experience better.