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    Where to buy updated Nike+iPod armband?

    I see that the Apple Store is selling the new version of the Nike+iPod armband, but most retailers still have the old version. Does anyone know a brick-and-mortar store that's selling the new?
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    Where to buy Tunewear Tunewallet micro On the company's "where to buy" page, they primarily list Internet retailers or brick-and-mortar places that we don't have in North Carolina. Does anyone know if other stores stock Tunewear products? I'd like to try before I...
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    Comments on Speck's iPod Skin?

    I currently use an iSkin with my Gen2 iPod, but I just noticed the iPod skin from Speck. I think I might like how the skin actually covers the buttons, but still allows you to press them. That's one thing that bugs me about the iSkin - it's difficult to press the buttons since they abut the...
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    FS: iPod mount for VW Jetta/GTI

    For the last several months, I've had my iPod hooked directly into my VW GTI's stereo system, and I've mounted the iPod into place like this: I decided to try a different setup, so the mounting hardware is for sale. it includes a metal bracket and the...
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    iPod frequently skips 1st track

    Does anyone else have the problem where the iPod jumps to the second track of any album or playlist? This happens to me maybe 80% of the time, and I end up having to hit the back arrow to start playing the playlist or album from the beginning. It looks like the iPod is about to start playing...
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    iTunes browser customization

    How do I customize the iTunes browser so that only two categories appear: Artist & Album? I used to have it this way, but I had to trash my prefs, so now I have three browser categories: Genre, Artist, & Album. Thanks, Jason
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    auto-update of playlists

    I've never really used playlists, but this past week I started fooling around with them. I'd also always just manually updated my iPod. So this morning I looked at some of the update settings and selected "automatically update these playlists." As soon as I selected "ok", my iPod was updated...