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    FS: Yoobao Magic iPad Case $22

    I'm selling a Yoobao Magic iPad case for $22 shipped. It is in mint condition and comes with original packaging. It's a great case that I settled on after months of searching. I use a case with a keyboard for work now though. 10+ years of 100% positive feedback on ebay (jeremy3721) Payment...
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    FS: Belkin iPad Grip Vue Case - Clear

    Belkin iPad Grip Vue Case - Clear $40 shipped. Paid about $56 at the Apple store after taxes. Excellent shape, only used it for about a week until the other case I ordered arrived. Very nice case, doesn't hide the looks of the iPad and feels great when holding it...
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    FS: iPhone Caze Zero 5 Ultra Thin Clear Case

    For Sale: Like New Caze Zero 5 Ultra Thin Clear case for iPhone 3G/3GS (World's thinnest iPhone case and it protects the chrome edge) $17 Includes shipping and 1 Caze Ultimate Screen Protector. The case will be in the orginal packaging. I prefer payment via paypal - I have 100% positive ebay...
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    WTB: Why no iPhone 3Gs?

    Just curious why iPhone 3Gs's aren't permitted to be sold here?
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    FS (Ipod Touch) Incase Black Protective Cover

    Purchased the wrong color for girlfriend's ipod (she wanted pink) and threw the packaging away. This INCASE Protecive Cover waspurchased new for $25 at the Apple Store about a week ago. Selling it for $15 shipped! It is in perfect condition and was on the ipod for about an hour. It's a nice...
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    Hard Case that works with Dock

    I'm trying to find a Hard plastic shell case that is slim and will allow me to put my ipod touch in it's dock/cradle. I had the Griffin Reflect but it's too wide to work in the dock. Is there a similar product (possibly clear) that is slim enough to allow docking?
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    Most portable ipod touch speakers

    I've been hoping someone would put out a tiny speaker that will click into the buttom of the touch, look nice and still be portable. Is there anything out there like that? I found this but...
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    Tuffshield Plus Invisishield/Best Skin Ever (Perfect Combo?)

    I just saw the article about the Tuffshield on the main page of iLounge: My thought is that using this on the friend of my touch (it appears to just cover the screen instead of overlapping the bevel) will solve the problem with bubbles...
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    Swap storage between touch and iphone?

    I wonder if the 16GB touch storage could easily be swapped out with an 8GB iphone. I like the touch but I'd rather have the features of an iphone with the phone turned off but with at least 16GB's of storage. If it is possible, I was thinking maybe that 24 hr ipod repair service would let me...
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    Files on iPod much larger than Playlist size?

    I made a playlist that is 3.57gb and synced it to my iPod touch. On the iPod the size of the music is 4.07 gb. Why is this playlist taking up half a gb of storage than it should?
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    My iPod touch murdered my 5G iPod

    I've had my 5G iPod since just after it was released and had zero problems with it. I really wanted the touch but finances have been tight, however my girlfriend FINALLY agreed on the condition that she would get the old 5G. Well I went to the Apple store yesterdy and picked up my new iPod...
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    Organizing files for the touch

    So I had about 19gb worth of files going on my 5G iPod. I figure at least 5gb of that was crap that I don't really want (but don't want to delete off my computer). For now I've synced the photos directories that I want, made a manual playlist that has 90% of the songs I'll ever listen to...
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    Cancelled my Touch order

    (I know this is discussed elsewhere but just in case Apple is surfing this site I think they need to see this) I just cancelled my iPod Touch order due to the following: One reason is I'm just too nervous that 16gb is not enough storage, I'd rather wait for at least 32gb or a harddrive...
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    Why no email or Notes application?

    I don't understand why Apple didn't include the email or notes application. Google Maps should be included for that matter. I'm not complaining, just looking for an answer. I wonder if they may add them eventually.