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    New kind of 30 gig battery problem

    Read through the official post, and unless I missed it (possible, that's one ginormous thread), I haven't seen anything about this yet. When I haven't used my ipod for long enough to put it into deep sleep (seems like about half the time my 4g used to take, little less then a day), when I try...
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    How are the controlls vs. a 4g

    I've noticed that the controls...specificially the center button...on my nano aren't as solid as my 4g. The 4g has a much more quality feel to it. Is this a new design feature that all ipods will have, or is the nano an exception due to the small size. the 5g more solid like the...
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    looking for some good acoustic music

    Been listening to Jack Johnson, Stephen Kellogg, Jason Mraz, Josh Kelley, Dashboard Confessionals, and some others. I'm going through a bit of a chill music phase. What else is out there that you guys would suggest?
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    IP Bus to dock?

    I haven't seen a cable like this, but does anyone know of one? If my suspicions are correct, and there isn't one, is there a source for parts so I can solder one up myself? IP Bus is powered, so it would seem to be a great way to charge and get line out at the same time. I have no problem (and...
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    Who's got the most mac stuff at their house?

    Ok, so right now I have: -12" powerbook -14" iBook -20" iMac -Mac Mini -20 gb 4g iPod -512 mb Shuffle -some JBL on tour speakers (not sure if they count) -last week had 10 other ipods too (one of each original colored mini, 2 40gig's, one 60gb photo, two 20 gig's) I love my job :D
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    Hey all...been a while

    Just wanted to drop in and see what was up. I've been super busy lately with finals, new job with apple (campus rep), got a new vehicle (jeep #3, 98 cherokee), getting my summer living arrangements setup, and working on getting a second job for the summer (best buy). The job with apple is...
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    Any Apple campus reps here?

    I have a sweet opportunity to get a job as an apple rep for my campus...should know more in a few days. Anyone else here get in on it?
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    Anyone else having USB mouse/SP2 issues?

    A few days ago, my USB mouse on my inspirion 8600 decided to quit working. The touch pad still works great. All my other USB accessories work fine. I uninstalled service pack 2, and the mouse worked fine. Reloaded it, and the mouse quit after a few minutes. I like SP2 for it's sweet firewall, so...
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    WTB: car charger and dock for 4g

    Piecing together a custom in-car setup, so I need a dock (cosmetic is a non-issue, just has to work) and a car charger to plug into that dock. I can do paypal.
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    In car w/o a head unit?

    Here's what I want to do. This will be going into my 89 wrangler (pretty much a trail only vehicle). I want to build a system that doesn't require a head unit, and simply uses an amplifier to run the speakers and uses the ipod for input. It has to be rugged, and fairly water resistant. I'd...
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    iPod+Dell of your pods+computers

    Playing around with some of the manual settings on my camera (kodak dx6490) so I decided to take some pictures of the pod on my laptop. Actually turned out really cool, the ipod and the screen were the perfect heights to cast a reflection on the pod that perfectly matched the keyboard...
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    Test your reaction time

    Little drag racing style game...see if you can get a perfect .4 second reaction time. I did it, took a few tries though. Kept getting .480.
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    Yahba Opus..who's using them?

    They got an awsome review, but I hear little talk about them. I'm looking for something cheap that stays in my ear, and these look good. If choosing between these and the sony ex51's, what would you choose?
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    Coolest thing I have EVER seen!

    I'm speechless....
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    What are your addictions?

    This whole iPod thing is quickly becoming a new one for me, but I've have a first love. Mine is deffinatly my jeep. It started out as a low to the ground black grampa machine with pinstriping everywhere, and lots of hard work (I've never had it in the shop for ANYTHING) got it to this point...