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    is the power adapter needed to use keyboard?

    I ordered my iPad and the Keyboard dock. But I wonder, should I have ordered the 10W USB Power to be able to use the keyboard dock? I want to be able to use the keyboard to type when I am away from my computer.
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    Book-style Leather iPad case sightings

    Just ordered my iPad, and I'm already looking for a nice book-cover style leather case, similar to the ones made for the Nook. So far, I've only seen one here: It would be great if people could post links to any others they find.
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    Pass-through in JoinTogether no longer working?

    I haven't used Join Together for awhile because the last version wasn't working for me, but I recently tried 5.2.1. The "pass-through" option doesn't seem to work on any of the AAC files I tried to join (all have the same bit rate and sample rate). Is anyone else having this problem?
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    best headphones for travel, student on budget

    My son is flying to Europe and I would like to get him some headphones for travel. They need to be compact enough to stow in a backpack. I am also on a very limited budget and would prefer not to spend more than $100. Recommendatations, anyone?
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    Agent 18 case bad feedback

    Well, I have to say I've had the Agent 18 case for only a few weeks and the belt clip has already broken! I am NOT happy, since I bought this mainly because of the belt clip. I have not abused it or been hard on it in any way! I just took if off my belt and saw that the clip had broken. I...
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    which case is flush on bottom to allow attachments?

    My other post didn't get any replies, so I made the title broader. ( What I'm looking for is a case (with belt clip) that is flat on the bottom to allow attachments (like a voice recorder) . Many of the pictures and reviews i've looked at don't...
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    case to use with Nano + iTalk voice recorder?

    I got an iTalk Pro to use with my 4G Nano, but now I want to get a belt clip for the Nano. Is there a clip or case that will still allow the iTalk to be connected?
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    will video ipos play home-ripped audiobooks?

    I'm trying to decide between buying a Nano or 30 gb video ipod. The tech specs say the Nano plays M4A & M4B, but it doesn't mention those formats for the video ipod. I have a lot of audiobooks I've ripped from cd's in these formats. Does anyone know if I will be able to play these on a video...
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    Quick Mac how-to: Audiobook CDs to Bookmarkable AAC

    I see so many repeated questions from Mac users about how to make bookmarkable files from CD's, I thought it would help to post these "quick & dirty" instructions. The in-depth audiobook instructions elsewhere on this forum are very good, but geared to PC users--read those for more details...
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    helping others- automatically post OS/version?

    It would be easier to help people if their OS/version was posted automatically along with their user name whenever they posted a question. It gets to be a drag to have to keep asking "are you using a Mac or PC, what OS?" every time someone posts a question. Can the forum be set up to grab this...
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    opinions on icebuds or tunebuds for Shuffle?

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. I accidentally damaged the earbuds on my Shuffle while housecleaning (don't ask), and I just found out Apple doesn't sell replacement earbuds! :( I liked the sound quality with those earbuds, and I can't afford an expensive...
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    hearing loss & volume control on ipod Shuffle

    I read the article on hearing loss, but it left me with a few questions: Is there any way to “limit the volume” on an iPod Shuffle? Also, if you limit the volume of a song in the iTunes library, does that override the manual volume control button if you turn it up all the way on the iPod?
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    "Time out" error with "Join and Chapterize"

    When using "Join and Chapterize" (3.01), I keep getting this error message: "Apple Event Timed Out" It usually appears after the "chapterize" step. Anyone else getting this error or know what causes it? (iTunes 6, OS 10.4.3)
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    best adapter for car w/o cassette deck?

    What' s the best car adapter for a Shuffle? (no cassette player in my car)
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    books in iTunes 6 library- weird behavior

    I've noticed some weird behavior in how books appear in the library in iTunes 6. I ripped some books from library CD's to AAC files, and used the "Make Bookmarkable script". In iTunes 5.0, these appear in the "Audiobooks" menubar>"Books & Spoken." All well and good. Then I upgraded to iTunes 6...