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    Where is the litmus paper located in the iPad 2?

    Where are all the litmus papers located? I see one in the headphone jack but is there a different location as well? I need to know if my iPad has been exposed to moisture.
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    Question about voicemail

    I have normal voicemail on my iPhone (not Visual Voicemail) but when I get a new message, is the red circle suppose to have a number inside of it? For some reason when I get new voice messages, it just displays the red circle dot but no number inside of it. Is this normal for regular voicemail...
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    Data plan question

    Hi, I have a iPhone 3GS with a 6GB data plan. Problem is that I am sending my iPhone away to get it replaced so I am going to use my old cellphone. If I use internet on my old cellphone, would I get charged any extra for using any data? Or would it just use data through the 6GB plan?
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    Brand new iPhone with red litmus paper

    For those who have a iPhone 3GS, can you please check if both your litmus paper (inside headphone jack, and under the dock connector ) to see if they are both white? I found out today my 6 day old iPhone 3GS has a pink litmus under the dock connector even...
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    Transfer contacts from iPhone to Sim?

    I know you can copy contacts from Sim to iPhone but how do you copy from the iPhone to Sim?
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    Erase all content and settings

    If I decide to "Erase all content and settings" from the settings screen, will my iPhone still work? Or would I have to go to my carrier and get it activated again? Would I have any important files missing (for the phone to function properly) Asking for a friend who want to buy a used iPhone...
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    Third gen iPod touch?

    This website is already selling iPod touch third gen cases. This might mean third gen iPod touches are going to get a camera. This website usually sells iPod cases before new iPods comes out.
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    iPhone without data plan

    I want the iPhone without a data plan because my campus has wifi everywhere and I would be saving $30 a month. Rogers said they can block data so I won't accidentally get charged for using some programs that require data. However, they also mentioned that Apple has some sort of automatically...
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    Warranty + iPod replacement question

    My iPod touch's wifi keeps dropping out and I believe the wifi chip has been damaged. If I send it in, I get an refurbished one back right? Do refurbished ones have dents, scratches, etc.. on it??? The one I have right now physically doesn't even have one scratch at all so I'd be ####ed if they...
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    Wifi Connection Dropping

    I used my 2.2 jailbroken iPod since it's firmware released and the wifi had no problems. Starting late January, every time I turn on my wifi to do something it would start off with 3 bars on the wifi icon. But when I download a podcast or something (use safari, anything), it would download...
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    Bought song, no download. Help!!

    I just bought a song off iTunes (my first time) and I don't see no download button for the music. I clicked "buy song", I entered my password, then I proceeded to the checkout screen. After that, I clicked "ok" then my iTunes returns me to the iTunes store. No buttons asking me to download...
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    Is there an iPod touch app that...

    Is there an iPod touch app in the "APP STORE" that allows you to download Youtube videos similar to MXTUBE from cydia/installer??? Or is MXTUBE the only one???
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    How to uninstall apps?

    Do we just hold the touch screen and then press the x or is there another proper way to do it??? Also, once uninstalled, are there any "left-over files" hidden in the ipod??
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    Is the latest custom firmware 2.0 or 2.1??

    Is the latest custom firmware 2.0 or 2.1 for ipod touch??
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    Which spaces do I use for the iPod Touch on the Griffin Amplify?

    I looked at the website but it only says 80GB and 160GB classic. Which spacer do I use cause I don't want to damage my ipod touch.