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    My last visit...

    was exaclty 2 years ago yesterday (4-26-2006) whats new? lol
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    i know my sony 71's are a hassle with this , i recently got some ety 6i but have yet to open them? how do these compare with the earwax build up and cleaning of the bud?
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    Delayed Write failed

    just got my new 4gb nano, put the disc in did all of that plugged in the ipod into a usb 2.0 , selected language however itunes did not open or recognize it and i got the message delayed write failed, ipod update freezes when i open it, and ive tried reinstalling itunes and tried different usb...
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    Best Buy and Dead HD

    my hard drive recently died on my 40gb 4th generation. I purchased the 4 year warranty they offer around the time 4th gens first came out, does anyone know how this will work? repaired? replaced? thanks
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    Ummm Should this go in cases section?

    Check this out
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    iPod Trend

    I am finally starting to see all those stupid ### people who bought iPods because they were cool and in, starting to die off. All my friends with 20gb ones that had 150 songs on it arent carrying them around everywhere they go, dont ask me questions about them anymore. I love it. I was just...
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    Itunes Synch

    Why is there 16 more songs in the library then on my ipod?
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    How does one completely reset a shuffle and take everything off of it?
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    iPod Agent Importing

    Can i copy everything on my ipod to my computer at once with ipod agent? if so can i delete everything in my itunes library and put everything from my ipod in there? will any audio quality be lost and will everything still be there?
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    Ipod Agent Importing

    IF i deleted my whole itunes library and imported everything off my ipod from ipod agent. WOuld i lose any audio quality, and would everything be back Where i had it?
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    What are your thoughts on the PSP? i got mine its reaallly nice awesome graphics, i dont see any way in which this was compared to the ipod. It feels a little junky L and R buttons, but all in all i really like it.
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    512 or 1gb?

    anyone who has the 512, in a day of use do you ever cycle through all of your music? should i get the 512 or wait and get the 1gb one?
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    Dont Buy Iskin

    This is probably my third post telling people not to buy an iskin evo2 case, after having mine for about 5 months i took it off recently to find some weird sort of smudge marks on the surface of my iPod and they dont come off, i've tried wiping them and even using windex. I think the surface has...
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    Since not too many ppl frequent the case section i was wondering if anyone had pics of their white showcase, if so plz post em, thanks.
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    Not happy with iskin case

    For all you people looking to buy iskin evo2 cases, here are my thoughts on this casething, The idea seems nice, but it attracts way too much lint/animal pat hair and is a pain to get off. I also recently took the iskin off my pod and there were werid smudge like marks on the front white surface...