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    Album picturs does not apply

    I have several thousand albums in my iTunes, but lately all my albums have the same pictures no matter if I add a new one, so all my songs have the same album cover
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    Question on Ipod 80 GB Video

    1. please help, I can not find any thread questions I have put to this forum so I will try again okay my playlist is extremly large, can I make sub list example Bruce Springsteen has 12 albums so my playlist has all 12. can I make one playlist and then list the albums individually also how can...
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    Itunes and Vista

    I came home yesterday after syncing my ipod the night before, I can not access itunes the error reads itunes has stooped working check online for a solution, Nothing Please help I need my Ipod to sync
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    Burning DVD from Itunes

    Can someone help I am trying to burn a dvd from inside itunes so I need instructions In advance thanks
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    Transferring music to Ipod

    Okay here's the question, I have music on my laptop over 20gb and have imported them into my ipod, can I now burn the music to cd's and delete them from my computer to get back some space since the path say's c:\documents& settings\username\my documents\mymusic\itunes\itunesmusic\compilations...
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    album information

    can someone with broad knowledge of these things tell me how to get album info without signing up for an apple store account Thanks
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    any help would be graetly appreciated Q 1. I have a 30GB video and nce I add a folder of music, lets say 5 albums same artist do I have to create a playlist for all the albums, or can I just create a playlist for say fleetwood mac and copy all the albums there Thanks for your insite, Q 2...