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    Best freeware to rip DVD (my own) into MPEG-4 SP for my iPod?

    Hi, I think there's soo much info out there about this topic... i'm just kinda lost.. Could anyone recommend a good Windows software that decrypts and converts DVDs into MPEG-4 SP for my 5th iPod? I need it b/c my powerbook is underpowered. My friend is lending me his Pentium 4 3.06Ghz with...
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    All my Handbrake-encoded H.264 video refuse to play on 5G

    Hi, I encoded some Friends episodes via Handbrake using these settings. But none of them got 'approved' by iTunes during the sync process. Here's the setting. Could anyone PLS help? H.264 / AAC Audio Average bitrate: 620kbps 2-pass encoding 44.1khz, 128kbps Resampled to 320x240 Am I stuck...
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    Bose SoundDock doesn't support the new video iPod???

    I just bought a Bose SoundDock for my 4G iPod... now that video ipod comes out, I bought a 5G iPod 30GB. The latter is much thinner. How come the Bose won't support the 5G? This is according to Apple store page... doesn't say support for video ipod. Could it be the Bose doesn't have video...
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    Why does my iPod distort at low-freqency when using headphone jack?

    Hi, I am definitley no audiopile, and don't pretend to be one. Recently, I bought a Bose SoundDock and noticed something weird. I played a AAC-encrypted song "Rich Girl" (the pepsi commerical song). Using my Apple's in-ear headphone, I started noticing distortions throughout the song at...
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    Will iPod get a decent 2 megapixel camera?

    Hi, I know this probably been asked for sometime ago. But I couldn't find the thread on this topic. Anyway, I was thinking... if it's very difficult to re-brand iPod as a portable video player, do you think Apple would be kind enough to at least put a 2 megapixel camera on next iPod? Since we...
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    How to put contacts, calenders on a Windows' iPod 4G

    Hi, I understand that sync'ing my contacts, calenders is easy on a Mac. You simply use iSync. However, on a Windows XP PC, how do I put contacts and calenders on my iPod? Thanks much!
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    Is my 4G iPod 40GB doing okay?

    I just bought the 40GB iPod 4G, and got these results. 8.5 hrs. of playback on Apple lossless (avg. 900kbps bitrate) 13hrs of playback on 192kbps MP3 9 hrs. of playback on 192kbps MP3 with EQ on 3 hours to fully recharge via FireWire or AC 6 hours to fully recharge via USB 2.0 Thanks for any...
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    Use iPod 40GB 4th. on Windows and then use it on Mac?

    Hi, i don't know any good way to put this... I'm getting an Apple iPod 40GB 4th gen. I was wondering if the iPod is still useable on my Mac after I am done playing with it on my Windows. I really don't want to mess up a $400 electronics.
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    Would japanese buy Sony 20GB HD player or Apple iPod?

    I heard so many reports Japanese supports their own brand electronics. I was just curious... if Japanese would favor Sony 20GB hard drive MP3 player over American Apple iPod. I tried both... seriously, one has to be insane to pick the Sony player. The software is just like terrible. Any...