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    Multitasking gesture not working

    Has anyone got the multitasking gestures to work on their ipod touch?? I just updated to 4.3.1 from 4.2.1 and jailbroke via redsnow. I enabled the multitasking gestures in the settings menu but still cant seem to get it to work any thoughts? thanks in advance.
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    Griffin Stylus vs Targus Stylus

    Just wondering if any one has any input about both of these and which one is better. I have tried the targus and seems to work great not sure how the griffin one compares to it. Thanks in advance.
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    Restore before updating jailbroken ipod to 4.0??

    I just jailbroke my 3G ipod touch for the first time a few weeks ago. My question is do I need to restore my iPod before I update to 4.0 when it comes out? Or can I just update to 4.0 without restoring my iPod touch?
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    lower volume on 3.1.3 update

    Any one else notice lower volume since updating to 3.1.3. I have a 3g ipod touch 32GB.
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    iPod touch (1st gen) to iPod Classic

    Im thinking about selling my 1st gen iPod touch 16gb and getting a iPod classic 120gb. I want more storage, better battery life, being able to use real controls instead of using the touch screen and being able to use the iPod in disk mode. At the same time I will be going backwards since the...
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    Need for Speed Undercover

    Has anyone heard any info about the release date of Need for Speed Undercover for iPhone/iPod touch? I know it was first suppose to be released in September then delayed until November and then March of this year. I cant find any info on the current release date. Thanks in advance for any info.
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    Apps not updating from iPod touch

    Just wondering if anyone else has this problem. I have found that since the 2.2.1 update my iPod touch is not able to update apps when I click on the app store icon. I am however able to update apps from iTunes on my computer and then sync it to my iPod touch. Not a big deal for me but just...
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    2.2 update sounds better

    Anyone else notice since the 2.2 update the music is slightly louder and has more bass now. I know that the 2.0 update made it louder but now it seems to also have more bass. Maybe its just me.
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    How Much Are You Willing to Pay for the maps update the iphone users got?

    I was really disappointed im sure just like the rest of you for not recieving the maps update part of the 2.2 that the iphone users got. Ofourse it should be free. But if they were to charge for it, How much are you willing to pay for the portion of the update?
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    DOTS Gloves

    Any one tried these out yet? They look like a great product and awesome christmas gift. Just wondering how effective they are and if they are worth the money. Also do you need to get the ones with the dots in order for it to work?? Saw them in the gift guide of the...
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    making voip call or voice chat with fring app and 2G iPod touch

    Has any tried making a voip call or voice chat with the new fring app and their 2G iPod touch? Just wondering if it works or not.
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    second gen iPod touch 32GB for $250 at

    Just noticed has an awesome deal on the new second generation iPod touch 32GB its only $250. Although it is out of stock right now and sale ends on October 2nd.
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    get rid of the drm from your iTunes music

    Hey Guys, Just found this cool software that "liberates" your drm'ed iTunes music. Its free and very easy to use.
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    disabling itunes backup

    Instead of going through all those complicated things and messing with the itunes prefrences xml file and editing it try using this free software. It works with the iPod touch and the current itunes 8 and 2.1 software just tried it. hopefully a...
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    Anybody else experiencing problems with app on their ipod touch. The app just doesnt seem to play any music and keeps on crashing. I tried reinstalling it many times. I noticed this problem ever since I updated to 2.1. When i was using 2.0 it was working fine.