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    Windows to Mac

    Hi Team, My 11 year old wanted to listed to music on an iPod using his new Sony headphones so I found a first generation iPod nano for him to use. The last time this was synced was on on my IBM ThinkPad which has since been replaced with a Mac Pro. When I restored the iPod nano I got the...
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    I just wanted to share my bad experience with iPodRepairs (Fix-it Sales Limited) based on the South Coast of England. After much consideration and also after speaking with iPod Repairs I decided to send two 2G iPod minis to them for battery replacement. This decision was also largely based on...
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    Still Looking Good

    It has been a while but powering up some of my iPods and listening to the latest Coldplay & U2 albums and have forgotten how beautiful they are! My wife has an iPad but it leaves me cold compared to my mint 4G Photo :) Dan
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    Value Advice

    I have a brand new 4G 20GB iPod cellophane sealed in its perfect box and wanted a ball park figure of what it is worth? The box graphics are of the dancers with the white earphones. Any suggestions would be appreciated (I have looked on eBay but none have sold recently to give me an idea)...
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    Old School iPods

    Due to small ankle bitters I have not been able to indulge in listening to music for the past three years, however tonight my two sons are in bed asleep by 19:30! I have forgotten how much I love listening to my 3G & 4G iPods! Cheers. Dan
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    Reducing 256 kbps (VBR) To 128 kpbs

    I recently noticed that the last 50 albums that I have ripped into iTunes have been ripping at 256 kbps (VBR), and not at 128 kbps which was my previous preferred setting. This must have changed when I downloaded a more recent version of iTunes, and I failed to notice the default setting being...
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    1G iPod

    Just took the five or six years old seal off a 5GB iPod. Whoops! Debated about keeping it intact for posterity, but then thought it was created to play music, so unwrapped it, charged and synched it, and am now listening to Keane's Symmetry. I wonder if this is the most recent album being played...
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    US iPod Classic - How To Tell?

    I just received an 80GB iPod classic from a US Seller on eBay. It was advertised as a US supplied iPod without the EU Volume Cap. As the item took ages to arrive I chased up the ever helpful Seller and he apologised and told me he would ship another one from his UK warehouse. I asked if this...
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    Second Generation iPod

    I have just bought a brand new unopened 10GB 2G iPod on eBay and have a couple of questions. Firstly as it is MIB do you think I should use it or keep it for posterity (I know I am not short of iPods to use!)? Secondly if I do use it what is the best/recommended Firewire Card I will need to buy...
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    Vaja iVolutions for 5G iPods

    Hi All, I am selling my last two Vaja iVods for a 30GB and a 60GB 5G iPods. If anyone in the UK is interested the listings are here:-
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    3G iPod iTunes Issue

    I recently bought a brand new 3G 20GB iPod which is working fine and a pleasure to use. However when I try to mount it on my ThinkPad I get an "Unrecognised Device" error message. The pop up then disappears and the iPod appears in iTunes and syncs as it should. The only problem is that the iPod...
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    iPod photo vs iPod (4G 60GB)

    How do you tell whether you have iPod photo or an iPod (4G 60GB)? Is there a Model Number difference or is just the lack of the word "photo" on the packaging? Thanks. Dan
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    Vaja iVolution Cases For Sale

    I am putting my collection of MIB Vaja iVod Cases up for sale on eBay if anyone is interested. The first two are already listed and the remaining four will go up tonight. Cheers.
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    I have bought an iPod (4G 40GB) and an iPod mini (2G 6GB) on eBay from JustDeals and am very impressed with the quality of the refurbished iPods they have for sale. Service and delivery has been spot on too. Anyone one else on here got a classic for a snip? Dan
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    iPod mini 2G 6GB (Pink)

    I recently bought a factory refurbished iPod mini 6GB for my wife on eBay. I accept that these are refurbished items, but when I mounted the iPod on my laptop, the Serial Number of the actual iPod did not match the Serial Number on the case, and more importantly the actual Serial Number is for a...