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    Display/Edit Music Videos on Itunes?

    Hi there, Is it possible to display your Music Videos list on Itunes? I have transferred a number of music videos to my new 160 gb classic Ipod and on my Itunes I can only see Music, Movies, TV Shows and Audiobooks. Once I class a video as Music Video, I can no longer see it in Itunes. This has...
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    How to fix the track order?

    I have a problem I hope someone can help with. A new album I recently added to my ipod is playing in the wrong order. When viewing it from my ipod through itunes on the computer, they show as being in the correct order, but on my ipod they are in the wrong order. Specifically tracks 12-15 are...
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    Corrupt file on Ipod

    Corrupt file on iPod When My ipod is connected to my computer, Itunes tells me I have used roughly 6gb, but when I go through settings and about on the iPod itself, it says I have only used 1.5gb and it has remained like that for a long time despite new music going on there constantly. I think...
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    what the hell, where did it all go?

    just opened up my itunes and its empty. the entire library has disappeared. of course, most of it is still on my computer in my music, but ive lost all my playlists and everything that was in itunes. what happend?
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    Audiobooks - How?

    I have a couple of audio books that I would like to put on my ipod. however, in itunes when my ipod is connected, there is no audiobooks folder to drag them into, it is only possible to put them into music. so how can I get them into audiobooks? i think i read something a while ago about...
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    audiobook help please- different playlists possible?

    Hi, Does anyone know much about putting audiobooks onto the Ipod. I have researched a bit and found out that i need to make the files AAC and change the extensions from .m4a to .m4b to make them show up in the audiobooks folder. so theres no problem with putting them onto the ipod. the question...