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    Build your own Altoids box AA iPod charger From the site: iPod video (tested, using alkaline batteries): 3hrs more video (1 full recharge) iPod mini (tested w/rechargeables): 25 hours more (1.5 full recharges) iPod shuffle (unverified): 60 hours more (5 full recharges)...
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    Zacarias Moussaoui

    Anyone else besides me think this guy deserved everything he got? Spending the rest of his life in a supermax prison. From what I've seen what goes on at ADX Florence, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy - it's almost worse than getting the death penalty.
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    Don't forget, it's Tax Day...

    ...for those of you in the USA who have an income. Interpol (who just finished writing a $87000 check to the IRS)
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    V-Moda Remix M-Class: My Review

    As one of the 20 winners in the iLounge V-Moda Remix M-Class headphone giveaway, I thought I'd give a short review of these earbuds. They arrived from V-Moda about 5 days ago, so I've a chance to use them and listen to various types of music. Background: I own the following headphones (with...
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    Anybody watching The Masters?

    Nice way to follow up an eagle with a double bogey, Tiger :)
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    Free SendStation PocketDocks

    Just a FYI - SendStation is giving away free PocketDocks to the first 1000 people who take them up on this offer. All you pay is $5.80 shipping to the USA. The offer ends on Christmas Eve. Just visit SendStation's website . BTW, my only association with SendStation is as a customer.
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    iPod Theft Insurance (Safeware)

    Safeware - anyone have any experience with this company with regards to iPods? This company has been in business a long time insuring laptop and desktop computers against damage, theft, and loss. Now I see they also insure MP3 players against the same with no deductible. A quick quote yields...
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    Most SoCal Apple Stores have 30GB Units Now

    Just got back from the Manhattan Beach store. Their shipment of 30GB white iPods is in and units are available. They are still waiting for black and 60GB units. In fact, I called the following stores this morning and confirmed that all of them had white 30GB units in stock - some also had...
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    Anyone watch the PGA Championship last weekend?

    Hell of a tournament. They're always the best when they're won by a stroke on the last hole. Go Phil!
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    Apple has no plans to imitate the Napster flat rate monthly plan
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    LuxPro's at it again...Shuffle w/ OLED screen I love one DAPReview user's comments:
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    What is the deal with all the recent '32 ohm headphones' posts

    I think I've seen at least 5 to 10 threads from random people asking for headphone recommendations in the last several days, and all of them have mentioned "32 ohms or higher". Where the heck is this 32 ohm recommendation coming from? It's the first time I've heard of anything like this. The...
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    Should this forum be closed/merged?

    Now that the iPod line has been consolidated, is there any use in keeping the iPod and iPod Photo forums separate?
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    Pray for London 7/6/05

    Just a quick note to encourage everyone here to keep the city of London in their thoughts and prayers today after what appears to be a coordinated terrorist attack. There are some things that transcend our love for iPods and other electronics; this should be one of them.
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    In-ear headphone review: interesting read

    ExtremeTech reviews the Etymotic ER-6, Shure E3c and E4c, UE Pro and EB, and the Koss Plug.,1558,1830689,00.asp Interesting read, but take the 'review' at face value. Here's a quote: Boy, I wish I had ears that could analyze a headphone's...