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    Extra Icons/programs

    I was looking through ebay auctions and I have seen many phones with extra icons/programs. This seems like a hack, but I wanted more information about it. I am also looking for insights into the future of third party applications being allowed. I have heard that apple has opened up the code to...
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    Macs for work?

    I am interested in getting a mac and I would like some information. For the cost they have less memory and are slower than their PC counterparts and after some very basic research it seems that the programs are less centered towards conventional work. Which is a plus in some regards, except I...
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    Nike Ipod lounge challenge starting 7/26

    I have started a Nike + challenge for most miles in 30 days starting 7/26. Please pm me your email address and I will add you to the challenge. Becky
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    Reliability of refurbished units

    I am wondering how confident I can be that a refurbished unit I but off Ebay will be a good buy. They are obviously cheaper and I was wondering where these units typically come from and how likely they are to be inferior to new or slightly used. Thanks Becky
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    Trade: New Power Support nano film cover

    I would like to trade a new power support crystal film set (wheel, front and back protection) for something of yours. Doesn't even have to be ipod related. Just some quirky thing. Becky
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    Erasing Itunes, but not files

    Hello- I would like to erase and reinstall itunes because I am getting an error saying i am using version 7.0D and I need to update to quicktime7.03. So I want to remove the whole program and reinstall it. I already tried just updating.Will that erase my collection of things I downloaded from...
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    Apple replacing battery free/discounted?

    hello- I heard on the radio a few days ago that because of a lawsuit those with 3g or before ipods get a voucher for a battery replacement if they go into the apple store. Is this true? If so can someone please post the details? Becky
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    itunes pros/cons?

    Hello- I was thinking of switching from using ephpod to itunes and I wanted to know the ups and downs of this decision. What are some cool features that it has? Will my eph pod filled ipod have any problem switching over? Any difficult features of itunes? I usually download music or copy from...
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    e3 vs e4

    Hello- The e4s are coming out very soon adn I wanted to know how much better the 4's will be as compared to the 3's. Iam not an audiophile and I cant decide based on specs how these will be, but maybe others can or have read an article. I like the e3s but I dont find the sound to be full bodied...
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    what is recognized as "audio book"

    I am an eph pod user and do not use itunes or purchase songs from there. I am looking to upgrade to a 4th gen partially because i like the way it deals with audio books. What if anything can I do to place things in this playlist. I usually download or make copies of audio book type things from...
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    Pod thinks it is charged

    My ipod wont charge unless it is on, if it is off it says charged and when I turn it on it says its charged, but if i turn it on unplug and replug in it will charge until it is really full. is there any way i can fix this? It started when I updated the firmware or around then. Thanks
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    Cd scratch removal

    I was wondering what is the best way to remove scratches from CDS or what device is best for removing them. I have seen various removers and they differ in price quite a bit. How about those treated wipes you see on ebay. I cant imagine a thin liquid with no abraisive qualities could do it, but...
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    Printing list of songs in ipod

    I dont really want to back-up all my files becuse that is a pain, but I would like a list of what songs I have on there so if things are lost I can go after the songs I have that arent from my CD collection.
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    Shure E series triple flange tips

    i was interested in getting these, but i wanted to know what everyone's experience has been with these or similar flanges. I dont get great isolation with any of the tips except maybe the foam ones, everything is just muffled. But I dont like how often the foam ones need replacing. How...
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    40gb 4th gen for 341, 20 for 251

    Apple ipod from HP - MP3 Player - 40GB Sku: 90139042 Manufacturer: HEWLETT PACKARD - LA IPG Mfg Part#: PE436A#ABA $341.99 with free shipping & Apple ipod from HP - MP3 Player - 20GB Sku: 90139041 Manufacturer: HEWLETT PACKARD - LA IPG Mfg Part#: PE435A#ABA $251.99 with free...