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    4GB Black iPod Nano for $165!

    Close or lock this thread please. The iPod has been sold.
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    3rd Gen 15gb iPod with Lots of accessories!

    I have a 3rd Generation 15gb iPod that's in GREAT condition. I can provide pictures upon request. Was almost always used inside a case and does not have any noticeable scratches worth mentioning. I have the following: -The iPod -Dock -Wired Remote (requires repair) -Charging Adapter -Firewire...
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    SOLD: 15gb 3rd Gen iPod

    FS: 15gb 3rd Gen iPod *sold* You know you want it! I recently bought this from someone to get the accessories that came with it, but I already have a new this one is up for sale. I will take $240 shipped. It's got some scratches, but what iPod doesn't? It will come with all the...
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    FS: 3rd Gen 10gb iPod with Tons of Accessories!

    I have a lightly used 10gb iPod that I would like to sell. I'm just not using it nearly as much as I thought I would. My loss is your gain. I will sell the following for the listed amounts: 1. 10gb iPod with included accessories, and box (software, earbud, ac adapter/firewire) - $245 shipped...
  5. G shipment?

    I Finally got my shipment confirmation email with a UPS tracking number, but when I go to, and put in the number to track, it says that it's invalid. I got the email on Tuesday, so after 2 day, you would expect the UPS website to show/updated the shipment status. Anyone else have this...
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    Just got the new Incase Sleeve for 3Gen iPods

    I just received mine, and am very pleased. Here is the link to the details: I bought mine from the Apple store, which had slightly cheaper shipping...
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    WTB: Dock

    I bought a 10GB since I only have 2.4GB's of music, and I know I didn't need a remote, and the case was junk. I bought an aftermarket case (the incase one) which is due to arrive tommorrow, but I would really like a dock. I am looking to pay $25 (I can get it new for $37 from apple using student...
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    The first non-neoprene after market case for new iPods?

    I know the DLO neoprene cases have been out for about a week now, but I haven't seen any 3rd party leather cases, until now. looks pretty nice. I guess it's not a huge departure from the case that comes with the iPod, but I bought the 10GB one...
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    anyone used this with the new iPods? This case is exactly the type of case that I want, but I'm somewhat skeptical about this fitting my new 10gb iPod well. It says that it will fit the old 5, and 10gb models, as well as all the new ones. I don't see how the new ones will fit snug...
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    So I sold out and got a new iPod

    I had the 5GB onw for about 3 weeks before I decided to upgrade to a new 10GB one. Got it for $245 because of student discounts, and the $25 off $249 purchase from the apple store. :) ...I haven't gotten it yet, but I can't wait. I do have one question for anyone who can answer it. Since I...