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    How many cases do you have and when do you use them?

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. I dont know if this was already a topic but I have been through 4 cases. When I had my 40gig (Gave to the whife) I bought the Flip Stand. Good case but scratch the hell out of my iPod. When I upgraded to the 60gig, I got the white...
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    A Military Proof Case?

    Hello I am in the Air Forces and with every branches in the military it will soon be my turn to visit the "Sand Box". I just bought a 60 iphoto. I need a good rugged case that will defend against sand and dirt. I would like to never take it out of the case while I am there. I would like to...
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    FS: 4g 40gig new/refrub

    Hello I want to sell my 4g 40gig ipod for 350.00. I had a 4g 40gig that the hard driver went bad. I had the protection plan on it, and they gave me a new/refurbished 4g 40gig when I took the old one to the apple store yesterday. I have the craddle and usb cord for it. I have not used it...
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    Buring a Playlist with Track Info included on the CD

    Hello all I have a radio in my truck that will display Artist, Album and Track name. When i burn a playlist, in WAV format it does not display the track info. Is there a fix for this? Thanks for you input.
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    Converting my entire library to 128kbps

    Hey Folks I have about 5000 songs in my library. I know that most of them are not 128kbps. I would like to convert the entire library in to 128kbps to save room on my 4G 40gig iPod. I know I can highlight them all, right click and hit convert, but that leaves the original song as well...
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    WTB: Remote

    Anyone have a remote for sale? I will pay with paypal.
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    HP Ipod Comercial

    While watching the MTV VMAs I saw the HP+IPOD Comercial. It was a cool comercial. Did anyone else check it out? What did you think?
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    Engarved 4G 40gig, do I have to return it?...

    HI I want to first say this is a cool place for ipod owners. I ordered a engraved 4g 40gig ipod off the net about 3 days ago. I went to the apple store where i work to just check out some stuff out. The nice apple employee noticed that i was in uniform (i am in the Air Force) and to told me...