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    iPad Pro 9.7" needs case repaired or replaced.

    My daughter has been using my first gen iPad Pro 9.7" WiFi + LTE 256gb plus keyboard case as her laptop since we were quarantined. But, she also steals it to watch TV, read, and play games in her room and drops it behind her bed to avoid getting caught. The keyboard portfolio case is one of...
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    Lifeproof Fre Case for iPad Mini 3

    I bought from Amazon because it's said it works with the Touch ID scanner and it doesn't. Is there a different version of the FRE for the mini 3
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    Rugged Cases for iPad... Otterbox Defender vs Lifeproof.

    I am debating between the Otterbox Defender and the Lifeproof case for the iPad 4. I am not all that worried about water, as I understand the Defender will cover me if I am dashing through a rain storm, but I am never going swimming with my iPad. The reason for considering the Lifeproof is...
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    iPad 4 iOS 7.x issues ...

    I have had an iPad 4 for about a year and a half now, and everything was pretty much great until iOS 7. Then I noticed a HUGE drop in battery life. There isn't a trouble shooting question anyone could ask me that I haven't answered. I keep my screen at 50% power, I have my auto off set for 2...
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    Can I take an earlier ipod touch up to a higher OS level by jailbreaking?

    I have an 8gb iPod Touch from several years ago, Model PC086LL runnung iOS 4.2.1 that is old enough that it has no camera. I gave it to my son to play games and watch Netflix. He has been able to play a number of games such as "Angry Birds" (pretty much all of them) "Pipe Roll 2", and...
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    Newest Jailbreak for iPod Touch 8g

    My niece handed over her 8g iPod touch, model pc086LL, running iOS 4.2.1, for my kids to watch movies and play games on. Is there a more current level I could jailbreak it to, so I can load some more current games? I have an intel iMac, by the way, so it would have to run on MAC. Thanks!
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    Virtual Memory Utility

    "Back in the day", when memory was expensive and hard to upgrade, there was a common practice of using something called "virtual memory" where a certain amount of disk space was allotted to compensate for lower than preferable levels of RAM. It wasn't ideal, but it did help. Then when Windows...
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    Has anyone every succeeded in adding an external webcam to the original iPad?

    I know this is an old topic, but, stuff can take years to accomplish. On the Android side of the fence some phones have taken over a year just to device a functioning root solution (jailbreak option). For those that will argue... "sell your iPad and buy a 2 or 3" I will argue..."$20-$50...
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    BlueTooth Keyboard for Original iPad?

    I am looking to move more of my computing to my iPad and, though I have always been reluctant to add a keyboard, because I feel like it misses the whole point, I think it would be convenient for extended use. What are the best BlueTooth Keyboard options for the original iPad? (Responsiveness...
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    Original iPad went bad. Now, replacement iPad "misfiring"

    I have had the iPad 1 for a little over a year now. It was bought for me, brand new, through the Verizon blow out sale just as the iPad 2 had been released. In recent months it started to manifest 3 main issues: 1) A slight clicking from the when the screen is depressed in certain areas...
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    Mail stopped working, usual tricks not working either

    First, let me say that when setting up email, my iPad 1 was temperamental to begin with. It took several tries for it to accept my email configurations in the beginning (each time it was rejected) but things have been fine for almost a month. Then, a few days ago, it stopped retrieving mail...
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    iWeb for iPad? Yay? Nay? or Going away?

    One of the reasons I waited to get the iPad, was that I preferred the ease of portability over a laptop, but wanted to see if Apple would release more of their MAC software in iPad form, the iLife series, in particular. Well, they released Garage band so you can learn to play guitar, among...
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    Thoughts on cases/case designs?

    My wife bought me an iPad 1 about a month ago, as a birthday/father's day present. I had been waiting for an iPad 2, but, we are on a budget and Verizon was blowing them out, so she got a great deal. Long story short, my wife got it as a package deal, with a very nice but simple leather...
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    Current, affordable, sexy, BlueTooth Dongle Options?

    A friend gave me his Moto S9 when he bought another set of BT headphones. He told me to get a BT dongle and recommended the Motorola because it charges off of the iPod. But... ...the size...The Motorola dongle is as big (almost?) as a Nano Video. USB BlueTooth and WiFi dongles for laptops run...
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    WTB: USED NANO VIDEO EITHER 4 or 8GB, (almost) any color

    Looking to buy a Nano Video, either size, almost any color. Must be in like new condition and must be noticeably less expensive than a brand new one in the stores (including shipping). Can pay by PayPal if the deal is right, and seller feedback is good. Thanks!