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    Unable to open artists in music app

    Hi cjmnews, Thanks for your suggestions. I did 1-3 with no improvement so ended up restoring the phone. Always a last resort but it worked so was worth it in the end.
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    Unable to open artists in music app

    Hi there! I'm having an issue with the music app on my iPhone XR. (iOS 13.3) I have noticed recently that a lot of the time if I launch the music app on my phone and browse by artist, if I click on an artist it won't expand it to show me the songs/albums I have installed or allow me to play that...
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    Original iLounge staff

    Hey! Loving the new design of iLounge, nice and fresh. I have noticed that none of the original staff seem to be doing any of the articles any more. Have they all moved on with the rebrand/takeover?
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    iLounge down

    There doesn't seem to have been any updates on the main iLounge site for a week, anything to worry about?
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    Can't restore purchases

    I have recently updated my iPad Air (original) to a 2018 iPad 9.7. My iPad Air was previously jailbroken which meant that one of my banking apps wouldn't install, so I setup the new iPad as a new device rather than setting up from a backup. I was able to install all my apps/games bar one -...
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    Celo VPN

    Hi guys. Has anyone had any dealings with Celo VPN? I'm in the market for a VPN for home use and saw the 'Deal of the Day' on iLounge for the lifetime subscription, but I can't find any genuine reviews anywhere. Cheers.
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    Coverflow going a bit screwy.

    Hey! I have a 3GS on iOS 4.01 although I noticed this issue on the earlier versions as well. In my music collection I have a few Greatest Hits albums. If I browse the music on my iPhone using coverflow and select one of the greatest hits albums, it displays the songs from ALL the greatest hits...
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    Itunes 8 - Music disappearing

    Hey! I have recently updated my itunes to version 8 on my Vista laptop. Something strange happened today. I was browsing my music and I clicked on the first artist in the list, which was Aaron Lewis. Shortly after clicking on him his album art for the album disappeared. Clicked on another...
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    Can't add folder to library

    Hey guys. I'm currently running iTunes on Windows Vista SP1. I don't know what's happened but now when I click on File/Add folder to library my external hard drive wont expand in the folder list. It only ever displays the last folder added. If I click on the arrow above to expand the...
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    Busted 5G screen

    OK, I thought that the 1.2.3 firmware update had corrupted my screen but I've gone back to 1.2.1 and it's exactly the same. Update the iPod last Thrusday, went home with it plugged into my Drive+Play. Took it out of the car when I got home. Drove to work in the morning and left it in car...
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    Anyone compared ER-4's with ER-6's?

    Last year I bought some Sony MDR71's to replace my stock buds for my iPod and thought they were really good. However, after reading reviews of the Etymotic ER-4's and ER-6's I finally pushed the boat out and got me some ER-6i Isolators. They are fantastic! Once I got used to how far in they...
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    iTunes swaps ' for ?

    Here's a strange one for you. I tag my music using Tag & Rename on my pc so that I can export my music onto my Xbox. However, when I import it into iTunes, if ever there is a ' in the title it swaps it to a ? For example "Don't look back in anger" becomes "Don?t look back in anger". I've done a...
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    Listing indiviual artists in playlist

    Hi! In iTunes on the PC can you create a playlist that will give me the 1st song by an artist? ie, I want to list all my artists in a playlist to but only have one entry each for them rather than the hundreds. Thanks. Mike.
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    iTunes changing my tags

    I'm running iTunes on WinXP and I have a really annoying poroblem. I have had my music collection on my PC for ages and have always manually filed and tagged the MP3's. Anyway sometime when I rip a new album and I have renamed and tagged them, I'll import it into iTunes but it will sometimes...
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    Annoying quirk when syncing ipod

    Hi Guys, I have an iPod video and am running iTunes on Win XP SP2. What I find really annoying is that when I sync my pod it forgets what it was playing. ie if I'm half way through an album and then sync, when it's finished it acts as if the album had finished and there is nothing more to play...