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    permanently format iphone?

    whats is the correct way to format your iphone? my iphone is acting strange where it tells me theres apps on it that i cant find. when i went to the app store to redownload the app, it said it was already installed and its no where to be found on the device. i tried restoring it as a new iphone...
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    video podcast continuous play?

    i missed about three weeks of video podcast and itunes has downloaded all of them. is there any ways where itunes can play them back to back, without me selecting the next video play after the first one is completed?
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    ipad weak wifi

    i am experiencing very weak wifi signals even when i am right next to the wireless router. im curious to know if the ipad 3g with the antennas on top are any stronger then the ipad wifi versions. does anyone know?
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    backing up "ipad" takes forever

    i own a iphone 3gs and the brand spanking new ipad. it took me literally 5hrs to sync all my data last night. this morning its taking awefully long to sync again. anyone experiencing the same issue? im on itumes v9.1.0
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    iphone earphone recommendation?

    can anyone recommend me a good iphone w/mic earphone? i was looking at vmoda vibe duo and theres been a lot of complaints about it breaking. i would like a aluminum earsets, wires braided, somewhat bassy. i hear lenntek sonix 3 is pretty good. any recommendations??
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    power button on iphone 3GS

    has anyone notice that power button on the iphone 3gs getting more and more squished in??
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    thinnest case with best protection

    can anyone recommend a thinnest case for the iphone 3gs? im looking at possibly the power support air jacket.
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    internal speakers and headphone??

    i got picked up my new ipod touch 3gen 32gb. is it normal for the internal speakers to play when you put in your headphones?? when i plug in my headphones and bump the sound volume up, it brings up the internal speakers.
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    incase slider slowing wifi?

    i just picked up a 8gb ipod touch 3gen with a incase slider. does the incase slider slow teh wifi down, since its blocking the black antenna? also, is the 32gb processor faster than teh 8gb ipod touch 3gen??? thanks
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    duplicate itunes app

    can anyone explain to me why there is app duplicates of the itunes? i moved my itunes library over to another new computer and resynced. i am missing a lot of my apps. what is the best way to transfer the apps on my itunes over to my iphone?
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    FS: FS: New Zagg InvisibleShield iphone 3G GS front coverage

    I have NEW Zagg InivisibleShield iphone 3G GS front coverage (screen) for sale. $10.00 shipped.
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    lyrics wont sync to touch?

    i purchased some itunes songs and i added some lyrics to it. why doesnt it sync lyrics to the ipod touch 2gen? anyone have the same issue?
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    ihome with touch 2gen

    i own a 1gen ipod touch that worked with my ihome. i purchased a brand new 2gen ipod touch yesterday and it doesnt support my 2gen touch. what changed in the 2gen touch?
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    thinnest case for original iphone???

    hi guys, i just picked up the original iphone. can anyone recommend me a thin case?? i can only find case for the 3g verison.
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    WTB: Ipod Nano 1st gen

    contact me if you have a white one for sale.