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    Does anyone know how to have iphone bookmarks saved to PC?

    I would like to backup my bookmarks on iphone to PC. When I select 'sync bookmarks with internet explorer' in iTunes, iTunes reports that the iphone is synced with another user account and if I would like to merge info (combine bookmarks from PC and iphone) or replace iphone bookmarks. I...
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    Must I embed artwork in all my tracks?

    I have a nice high res folder.jpg in each of my album folders. Must I embed each of my tracks with the corresponding folder.jpg in order for both iTunes and ipod to show correct art? Is there no way for iTunes to cache all the folder.jpg's into its own file system the way it does for...
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    Can iTunes accept two remote controls?

    I'd like to control one PC's iTunes with an iphone and a touch. Is this even possible? In other words, would connecting the second device as a remote using the 4 digit code boot the first device off as a remote controller?
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    Any pass-through docks yet?

    I have an iphone 2G that I'd simply like to plop into any old dock that has an ipod port connector in the back. I'd simply like to connect it to Griffin's itrip, which has the forward/backward controls at the power plug. The problem when connecting to the itrip with the normal dock is that...
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    Looking for a basic charger/aux combo for iphone...

    Does one exist yet for the iphone at a reasonable price that does NOT have an FM transmitter? An integrated mount would be a major PLUS, but for right now, I'm just in need of a basic aux out. It seems the Kensington model would fit the bill, but I'm not too keen on the need to insert the both...
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    Way to start iTunes streaming via an HTTP address?

    I'd like for iTunes to startup upon each boot on my Windows machine, streaming from my PC's slimserver (via a localhost HTTP address). Right now, I have to enter the http address manually each time I open iTunes (Advanced --> Open Stream). Is there anyway I could generate an iTunes shortcut...
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    iPhone/Touch AVC complexity and res limits?

    Does anyone have the stats here for the maximum complexity for H.264 encodes and resolution allowable for playback on these 2 devices, assuming they are identical in video decoding hardware? If anyone has any familiarity with some of the x264 GUI encoders, are there specifically any features...
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    Sm. Playlist - Random albums possible?

    Is there a way to construct a smart playlist that would have a size (GB) limit of randomly selected whole albums? Say I want 4 GB's worth of music transfered to ipod by means of a playlist, but I don't want to have to have any of the albums in that playlist to be broken up, i.e. missing...
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    Possible to sync PIM data on 1 PC and music on another?

    I have PIM data (calendar/contacts, etc) on the laptop and large music collection on another PC. I'd like to sync PIM stuff with my laptop and music on the other PC. Is there a way to do this?
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    Is there any difference between IMAP and Exchange (imap)?

    What really is the difference between these 2 different email account types on the iphone? Even the options are identical between the 2.
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    How to get rid of the '!''s?

    Why doesn't iTunes have an easy way to remove these entries? I realize iTunes is designed as a front end to manage your media files, but surely many still like to muck around with other taggers and move/delete the files behind the scenes. What do you use?
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    Agent18 contacts ipod screen?

    I just slapped the Agent 18 on my 30 gig. And, there is a spot in the middle of the screen that the case makes contact with creating a distraction. Is there any way to get rid of it? This is brand new ipod and case.
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    Which is best for recording radio streams?

    Just looking for some recommendations for software that can record online radio stations, i.e. Shoutcast, SomaFM, etc. and be able to parse them into MP3 files tagged at least as accurately as possible. Is there such an animal out there?
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    Firefox and iLounge problems?

    For whatever reason, Firefox doesn't fully load pages here at ilounge, at least according to the "spinning circle" on each ilounge tab. It seems I can see the entire contents of each page, but the spinning circle never ends for as long as I keep the tab opened, as if the page hasn't fully...
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    MP4 - Simple profile AND ASP?

    Why is it that ipod specs indicate that the ipod is only capable of playing MP4 simple profile files when the player can indeed play Xvids, which are MP4 ASP files (Advanced Simple Profile)?