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    LAPTOP OWNERS - don't buy Sony DualDisc CDs

    I picked up the new Ben Folds today. It's in a new format called DualDisc, and it's remarkably thicker than normal CDs or DVDs, resulting in the fact that it did not fit in the drive of my 1.5 month-old Powerbook. I will, as you can imagine, have to take it back to the store tomorrow. Thing is...
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    databse ID is not constant

    I discovered this while working on a script for someone else- they have an app that grabs the database ID along with other track data and makes an xml of it; my script grabs the xml and updates iTunes. The interesting thing I noticed is that unless one updates iTunes immediately, one runs the...
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    Calling Linksynergy iTunes affiliates

    I am working on a version of Generate HTML Links to iTunes Music Store that will work for iTunes Affiliates. But I need some information. If multiple folks could go to the iTunes Link Maker using the link in the latest email they recieved from [email protected], do a search, pick a...
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    Finally got Panther

    I was playing with the customizible key commands last night. Very, very cool. Thus far, option-command-C will fire off cleanPod; option-command-E will fire off Export Playlist as Text, and option-command-I will fire off Import Selected iPod tracks... There's actually a lot of potential for...
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    About Copy Track Info to CD Tracks and iTunes 4.1

    Several users have emailed me over the past few days reporting that, upon updating to iTunes 4.1, the script no longer works and reports an error. After having spent some time with it, I'm not any closer to a real solution, because I'm stumped. In specific, these two lines of code result in...
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    iTMS Link-maker

    This is beyond my ken, but I was wondering if any scripters out there had any idea on how to automate linking to songs in the ITMS? I'm sure that someone clever enough scripting Safari could pull it off; Apple's provided all the backend with the iTunes Music Store Link-Maker, and the url...
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    R.I.P. Johnny Cash

    So long. :( :( :(
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    What I did with "Remove n Characters"

    This script deletes a speicified number of characters from the front of the track's name. This morning I needed it to get rid of stuff in front of an artist name (I wanted to get "Bob Marley W/" off the front of every track's artist name in Chant Down Babylon.) So I initially modified the script...
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    Welcome to AppleScripts for iTunes

    Welcome to the AppleScripts for iTunes forums. These forums are for discussing AppleScripts, Apple's object-oriented macro language, as they relate to and are used with iTunes. Every Mac user has the ability to edit AppleScripts, and customixze most of the AppleScripts already written to suit...
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    iChat A/V

    iPodluonger and I were playing with the new version of iChat yesterday afternoon. Here's a screen capture from his computer:
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    Hail to the Thief rips fine in iTunes

    If there's copy protection on it, as was rumored, iTunes isn't affected. The packaging for the Limted edition is lovely.
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    Artist Sites with LEGAL downloads

    This here is a thread for folks to post links to artist sites that offer legal downloads. I'll start: Over the Rhine - Mike Doughty (ex-Soul Coughing singer) - Tom Waits (click on album...
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    In the End, it was Cheaper than Buying a flimsy plastic one

    Got a local crafstman to make me an iPod stand.
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    iPod Software 2.0: Problem Reports

    This is the space for discussing any problems you may be having with iPod Software 2.0, but please do not post in here if your problem is related to the fact that you've installed (or tried to install) iPod 2.0 software on Classic iPods.
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    iPod Software 1.3: Problem Reports

    iPod Software Updater 1.3: Problem Reports This is the space for discussing any problems you may be having with iPod Software 1.3