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    2nd Gen Shuffle not working

    this was my dad's shuffle, he says it worked fine and one day while he was jogging it just stopped. it's still under warranty but i'm afraid to send it back because i don't know if it's something he did or not. friggin Apple's customer service is GARBAGE. they make you jump through hoops and...
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    5th Gen losing charge via USB

    this is a strange problem they couldn't answer on the Apple boards. i plug my 5th gen in using usb for just a few minutes to update songs. it says it charging but when i disconnect the battery indicator goes way down. it charges fine using the DLo sounddock which is the only way i've been able...
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    usb not charging ipod?

    i've had the 5th gen since it came out and it's been problem free until a week ago. i hadn't used it for awhile and the battery was down so i plug it in, transfer some songs and then all of a sudden it starts beeping and says there's no more battery power. i plug it into the Dlo dock to find all...
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    headache with E3Cs

    i just got a pair of these yesterday, last night i messed around and got a good fit, listened for maybe 20 minutes at maybe 40-50% volume. a little while later i had a slight ringing in my left ear and this morning i woke up with a headache...that i still have. it felt like i had them in right...
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    ripping/conversion problem

    i'm trying to get some videos on the ipod. the movie is Star Wars ep III and the vob files play through all the languages in the opening title scroll. i cant figure out how to change the settings so i get just the english. can i do it with the videora converter? also, i have a japanese movie i...
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    songs in playlists are louder

    i dont usually use playlists but i made one the other day and the volume is much louder for some reason. is this normal? i use Eupod boosting songs 60%, dunno if that matters
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    headphone cord winder?

    i was wondering if anyone could tell me exactly what a cord winder is and what it does, i'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to headphones but i'm looking to buy a good pair and i dont know if a cord winder is something i need.
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    registering iPod with Apple?

    i have 2 ipods but i dont think either are registered, at least i dont remember registering unless its done automatically when you first hook your ipod to the computer. i checked Apple's site and i didnt see anything on there, can anyone tell me how to register because i really probably should...
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    question about importing (bit rate)

    on the importing tab there is an option for custom, under that theres a box to check VBR, what exactly is this and is it good to use? also, i'm using 192kbps thats pretty much the best to use right? is there really any reason to use higher than that?
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    question about Iskins and strange spots

    ok i just got a new Iskin today and i noticed when i put it on that on the back it looks like there are moisture spots. i never noticed it with my other iskin because it was black i guess. will this hurt the ipod or is there a way i can get rid of them?
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    new firewire card going slow with ipod connected

    ok i got this new firewire card for my sisters computer and when the ipod is connected it goes VERY slow, like ill try to click on my computer or something and it take forever to load. has anyone experieced this or know how to fix it?
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    problem with EuPod

    ok for some reason i try to run EuPod and it says its my first time using the program and i have to make a backup, it just keeps saying that and it wont update the songs. for some reason its detecting the ipod as the C: drive. i've tried 2 ipods and its doing the same with both. i even tried...
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    4G Ipod battery, over 14 hours?!

    ok i got this Ipod last week and did my first battery test, using this: full charge, volume between 50 and 60%, headphones in, backlight, EQ and soundcheck all off. i started last night at 10:40 PM now its 4 minutes till 1:00 PM here in Florida and its STILL GOING!! if i'm doing my math...
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    using Pod Util

    i tried connecting my ipod and starting the program but it said "the ipod has been disconnected" and another error says "an unhandled nil object occurred". i checked the website and it just said to make sure "enable disk use" was checked in itunes and it is checked on mine but its like greyed...
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    safe to clean ipod with alcohol?

    will cleaning it with alcohol hurt it?