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    Alphabet bezel when browsing artists

    This bezel with a letter appears in the middle of the screen when browsing artists. Moving the scroll wheel when the bezel comes up lets you browse through artists by letters. Is it a new feature? I didn't recall seeing it on my brothers 1st gen nano. Anyway, does anyone know the proper way of...
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    FS: moshi iPouch, lajo ibuds

    Lajo iBuds snow: $2 shipped moshi iPouch White Regular size: $15 shipped [SOLD] Shipped prices for US only. Extra shipping costs for all other countries. moshi iPouch is brand new. The iBuds are opened but unused. The iBuds would not fit onto my JVC FX71 earphones. Send me a PM or email if...
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    PowerSupport 3D click wheel + crystal film question

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. I read in the buyer's guide that Powersupport's 3D click wheel protector now comes with the crystal film. I gotten a pair of 3D click wheel from a few days before the buyer's guide was released and it did not come...
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    FS: iSkin evo2 Ghost 40/60GB iPod/iPod Photo

    iSkin evo2 Ghost (Glow-in-the-dark) skin for sale. Size B (fits 40GB iPod, 40+60GB iPod Photo) I just received it from this morning and tried it on once but I disliked the bulk it added to the ipod. Comes with everything that was included when I received it... iskin ghost skin (size...
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    Screen protection for iPod photo

    I just upgraded my 4G iPod to an iPod photo. I used to use Trendygeek's Pod Shield for screen protection but I just found out that they are not compatible with the iPod photos as they cause distortion. Just wondering if anyone used Power Support's Crystal Film (or any other brands) on the iPod...
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    FS: exo iSkins(10/15/20gb) and iShades

    FS: exo iSkins(10/15/20gb) $14 dlvd and iShades $2dlvd All sold :D exo iSkins: Jack-O (Orange Glow in the Dark) - SOLD - shipped LaRouge (Red) - SOLD Glow Worm (Yellow) - SOLD Asphalt (Black) - SOLD Limelight (Frosted Green) - SOLD iShades: Rose Deep (Red?) <-goes well with LaRogue - SOLD...
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    WTB: Belkin Battery Pack

    Used or new. I'm willing to pay $32 dlvd. :) email me [email protected]
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    Battery pack on eBay. I was just wondering if anyone has bought one of these. I really don't want to throw down 60 bucks for the belkin pack.
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    FS: Apple earbud, iskin exo, sportsuit sleeve

    FS: iskin exo, sportsuit sleeve Stuff I have for sale: - interested? email me at dinojr at myrealbox dot com THANKS! :)
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    itunes auto update. how to disable?

    Ok, i set my ipod to auto update through itunes. stupid move. now whenever i plug my ipod in, itunes open up update my ipod and unmounts it immediately. I cant change the ipod options cause it unmounts too quickly. How the hell do i disable the autoupdate? I can't do anything with my ipod...
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    Ice iSkin giveaway!!

    Check it out over @ the cases forum. ;)
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    Ice iSkin exo giveaway!!!

    Hey guys I have a 10/15/20gb Ice exo iSkin to giveaway. It's not brand new but it's in perfect condition. Comes with a brand new screen protector, belt clip and exo maclear. How to get it: Simply type a preposterous/nonsensical/absurd "because..." sentence explaining why you deserve this exo...
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    New exo Maclears

    The new Maclears that come with the exos are soft and flimsy. Is that the new TPU? I prefer the older stiffer case. Zipping is so much harder with the new flimsy cases. They don't fit as well too.:(
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    argh... i missed my delivery guy!

    The DHL guy came at 9 in the morning. Since school hasn't started for me...I was, well, still in bed. I signed the slip and told him to leave it at my doorstep tomorrow. When i get my package tomorrow, i'll post pictures of my 5 new iShades in emerald, indigo light, jamaica, lemon light and rose...
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    Caribbean Blue exo for trade...10/15g

    I just received my 10/15GB Caribbean Blue iSkin exo and I didn't like the color very much. I was wondering if anyone wants to trade exos with me. Here's what I'm looking for (10/15G) : snow la rogue jack-o electra aura glowbug If anyone has any one of those and doesn't like them too much and...