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    Hifiman Earbud Giveaway for iLounge Forum Members.

    One of our Vendors, Hifiman is giving away 3 sets of earbuds to a lucky forum member. Find out more about Hifiman and their audio accessories. Hifiman: Hifiman - iLounge Forums Giveaway:
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    CopyTrans Photo 3 Released - Backup your iPhone photos for $0.99.

    CopyTrans Photo press release Dec 19, 2013 Christmas time is photo time. Hunting for that one shot which makes the difference shouldn’t be that difficult, even if you have nothing but your iPhone camera at hand: How to take professional photos this Christmas with nothing but an iPhone camera...
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    The Free iPad 2 Buyers' Guide from iLounge

    Building on the success of last year’s million-plus-downloaded original edition, iLounge is pleased to announce the release of our all-new iPad 2 Buyers’ Guide. Download your free copy today! A lot has changed since we released the first iPad Buyers’ Guide only months after the device’s launch...
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    The Official Follow Me on Ping Thread

    iTunes 10: "Discover new music by going social with Ping. Learn even more about your favorite artists and friends starting with their bios. See what they’ve been up to — even listen to 30-second previews of music they like. Find out when and where artists and bands are on tour, and check out...
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    iPads Around the World Photo Gallery Giveaway

    In celebration of the iPads Around the World Photo Gallery launch we are giving away a $150 iTunes Gift Card. All you have to do is retweet the message in the box below and submit one or more photos of your iPad in front of a landmark and be entered for a chance to win the $150 iTunes Gift Card...
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    iLounge giving away 10 Jawbone Bluetooth Headsets

    To kick off the launch of our new iPhones Around the World Photo Gallery we’d like our readers to submit photo(s) of iPhone(s) in front of a landmark or other notable location. See official rules. Prizes: Ten (10) Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headsets (red, black or silver) (retail value $120)...
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    Musician Match Game Contest - Enter Now!

    iLounge and Ultimate Ears have teamed up to bring you an exciting new contest. The object of the game is simple; match the custom earphones made by Ultimate Ears to the musician who wears them. Only correctly matched entries will be eligible for the grand prize; a single winner will be randomly...
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    Blog the Book XL Contest - Enter Now

    If you don’t remember last year’s Blog the Book Contest, here’s the recap: three bloggers won a total of $1500 in prizes after linking to our Free iPod Book. This year, both the Book and the Contest are bigger than ever: in the spirit of largess, Geneva Lab has provided a total of three of its...
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    E3 Expo 2006 Report: iPod Add-Ons, Nintendo Wii & More

    E3 2006: iPod Add-Ons, Nintendo Wii & More Post comments on the article page. Thank you
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    iLounge t-shirt designs available for sale

    Three iLounge t-shirt designs available for sale. I hope you like them.
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    Official iLounge Konfabulator Widgets

    Here they are... Mac Konfabulator Widget Windows Konfabulator Widget
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    Listen to iLounge Podcasts

    Check here for the latest iLounge Podcasts.
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    Giant magazine seeks original iPod owners

    A writer from Giant magazine wants to hear from iLoungers who purchased a first-generation iPod the day it was released (November 10, 2001). "I would love to see a dated receipt to reproduce in the mag, also interested in original packaging, or even a shot of your well-loved original iPod if...
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    Enter the iGuy Giveaway (members only)

    Click here for more info
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    New poll feature on homepage

    New poll feature on homepage. Cast your vote... Look for this: