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    Dynamic Playlist on iPod

    Popped up in another thread, so I thought I'd move here, instead of hijacking his post. Problem: I have(I think) 3g 30gig running v2.2 (2g capped out at 20gig, no?). iTunes on XP. iPod autosyncs, but only certain playlist, my collections way too big to fit. Anyhow, folks are saying they're...
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    sync ipod on a mac, music on a XP box

    Yes, smack me if its been posted, no luck on searching for it. Buddy has a 5gb Pod. Firewire card on his XP box will not play nice, but he has a powerbook on the home network. Basically need to use iTunes on the Mac to sync with files stored on the XP Box. Possible/How?
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    A testament to reliablity

    I tossed this in as an off the cuff remark in another topic, then I thought about it a bit. Background: I've had my iPod a little over a year. I work graveyard shift 7 days on, 7 off. 12 hour days. Since use at home & in the truck will cover my vacation days, I figure as such: My iPod has...
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    Total brushed steel iPod?

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Greetings, So, I'm considering the brushed iPod back thing by Adam. Has anyone combined that with the Powerdesign stainless steel facemask, for that total look? Any pics? Are the 'colors' similar/same? To save the bashers time...
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    Songs ONLY on Ipod

    You'd think this would be an option for smart playlists. Use only the songs already on the iPod. It would make life simpler for those of us with bigger collections. Am I missing it somewheres?
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    It's raining

    Ergo...the rain playlist. IMC about 4 hours of songs. Be careful, you have to exclude: Brain Drain Train Strain Rainbow Adding spaces won't help, as you'll lose songs that start with or are simply called Rain. Boredom on a Monday...
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    preview the new Wilco

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    column mismatch?

    Hello, It seems that column headers are not matching up with said info when using the search feature. 'views' shows the number for 'replies'. 'replies' shows the 'forum', etc. Happens in both Netscape & IE. FYI -Rob
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    Diminishing returns, need an upgrade

    No real point here, just feel like whining. I've had the Pod for a little over a year now. Back in the day, I had about 20 gig of music, and life was good. Now, I'm at 42 gig and growing almost friggin' daily, thanks to you people recommending new music all the time. ;) I passed the point of...
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    In the poorhouse...& it's YOUR fault!

    So many good bands mentioned on this site lately. So, I go to my local used cd store, then another, then a big box or 2...I just dropped close to a Minis worth on CD's! So much encoding to do... -Rob
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    Empty your ipod

    Make a playlist for all the stuff that doesn't have a playcount yet. Listen to those deep tracks, and mod off the bad stuff. Rediscover some good stuff. Keep that library trimmed up... -Rob
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    skipping files, ending too soon, not encoding

    Hi, Newest behavior, Pod will display a song for a moment, then move on to the next. No sound. Also, some songs end prematurely. These are songs that have played in their entirety on the Pod in the past, so not an encoding issue. had to reflash the firmware recently, possibly corrupt? Setup...
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    Hello Before the great crash, there was a thread discussing the pros/cons of the powerdesign bodymask. I was going to post some picts, but then the thread vanished. Link Anyhow, here's my take. I'm on my second Aluminum facemask. The removal of the old one left very little residue, which I...
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    In praise of the Belkin battery pack

    Took a recent trip to New Zealand from US east coast. Basically 24 hours in the air, one way, not counting layovers. Loaded the pack with lithium photo AA's. Had the Pod on the whole time(there and back), backlight always on. 1 set of batteries, and the meter(and LED's) never moved from full. -Rob
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    Ratings over network, will they autoupdate?

    OK, this one's slightly complicated. I have 2 copies of Itunes, one for the lappy, and on the desktop. Both use the big drive on the desktop for the library. If I change a song rating on my laptop, will it reflect in the library on the desktop copy of itunes? Thanks -Rob