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    Does iPod Touch 5 support all the same apps as iPhone 5?

    I use an iPhone 3GS with no phone service, for apps, email, web. I was thinking of upgrading to iPod Touch 5 to replace it, so I've been doing some research. It seems that iPod Touch 5 only has half the RAM of iPhone 5. I was wondering if, for this reason or any other reason, some apps do not...
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    Problems with the new Dock & iPod Classic (charging)?

    I got an 80GB classic and the latest Dock. I noticed that the iPod will not charge through the dock with a USB or a Firewire AC Adapter. It does charge when you take the dock out of the equation. I'm using old adapters that came with older iPod models, they seem to work fine with a direct line...
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    If video is under 320px wide, will it stretch?

    I'm getting an iPod classic in a week and trying to get a head start on converting some videos. I've found that to get a proper 16:9 aspect ratio I have to use a width of 312px and I was wondering if the iPod will scale this up to fit the width of the screen or add black bars on the sides like...
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    Are these iPod Classic problems widespread or a minority?

    I was going to buy the 80GB Classic but I've read so many complaints in this forum that it sounds like the Classic is a crappy product. I thought I'd ask whether this is just a vocal minority or what? I've enjoyed my 3rd generation iPod but the new one is pretty appealing. Thanks!
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    Good place to get maclear zip cases?

    I'm in the market to purchase two new zip cases but I've had bad luck recently with online shopping and I was wondering if anyone can recommend a store to me. I need them to ship to Canada. Thanks!
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    Is it possible to alter the playcount of songs in iTunes?

    I haven't seen any settings for it but sometimes I want to replace a song with a better version and then the playcount gets reset, which is unfortunate.
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    Storing album art without attaching to mp3 files?

    Hey. I've always wondered if you can have album art in iTunes without attaching the images to your mp3s and making the files larger = less space on iPod. I think this is a pretty stupid way to do things. As far as I can tell you can't use any other method but I thought I would ask anyway. Thanks.
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    Ordering from Apple: re: receipt

    Hi. I ordered my iPod directly from the store a few months ago. After a while I realized that I didn't know where my receipt was. I looked all over for it. Then I realized that I couldn't recall ever seeing a receipt. I was just wondering if everyone had received a receipt with their...
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    My experience with battery life

    I decided to finally test my battery life. I've had my ipod for almost 3 months. To get it ready I ran it til it shut itself off, then charged it for 3 hours with the AC adapter. Mine always stops charging a little before 3 hours, I still am not sure if it charges on a timer or just until it's...
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    Belkin Battery pack-wraparound plastic: removable?

    I have the belkin pack and about to leave on a trip. My ipod is in a maclear zip case so the suction cups are useless, I removed them. I'm wondering if the wraparound plastic cradle type thing that goes around the sides of the pod is also removable, its just extra bulk I don't need. I saw some...
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    Standard 1 year warranty: Includes battery replacement?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew whether the standard 1 year warranty covers battery replacement if the charge falls under 50% of original capacity as the extended 2 year warranty does. Thanks.
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    I got my Xskn eXo2

    I've had it for about a half hour now, I'm not so sure if I like it. The dial is easy enough to scroll with but the buttons sometimes take a few tries to hit. One thing I'm still not able to do is hold down the menu button long enough to turn the backlight on. The iShade... is just weird, I have...
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    Discovered the ultimate iPod case

    While waiting for my Xskn to arrive I've been paranoid about doing anything with my pod. Today I stuck it in a Ziplock baggie and its all systems go!!! All the controls work great through it and everything. I recommend it. :D
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    Question: Will iTunes mess up my files?

    Hi. I use programs for all my ripping and encoding and tagging and I sort my mp3s into nice organized folders. I was wondering if iTunes will mess with the filenames, locations, or tags. All I need is something that will get the mp3s from my hard drive to the iPod without screwing them up. My...
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    ID3 Tags: The Track # Field

    I was just wondering if any of the programs such as Anapod or iTunes makes use of the track # field in ID3 tags, if not I would save myself a lot of time. My albums are named with the track # in the filename so they sort properly in windows "01 title.mp3" if that makes a difference. Thanks.