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    Moving library from old pc to new laptop questions

    I've recently bought a new laptop and installed itunes on it and want to move my library onto it from my old PC. I've looked at the articles on the site about how to do this and have a sort of weird problem. The problem is that my music is scattered in quite a few locations on the PC so my way...
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    The Strokes-First Impressions Of Earth

    Who's looking forward to it's release then? Room On Fire and Is This It were both great albums, if a bit overhyped, but Im definetely gonna get this one. I downloaded it about a week ago to get a preview and I quite liked it, especially Heart In A Cage, Razorblade and Electricityscape... And...
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    My Problem..Please HELP!!

    Alright, so I bought the $40 iPod headphones for my mini a few weeks ago, and they've ben great up until two days ago, when they suddenly started playing music a lot lower than ever. I can hear it, but even at full volume its no where near loud enough. The problems since become a bit on and off...
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    Plugging a Band

    Well i heard of this band throught he guitarist/vocalist posting on another forum so check them out. Called The Selfish Lovers, they seem to have a great soft rock sound that IMO rocks Link to their webspace where you can hear and download their music is
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    My solution

    i dont have speakers in my room apart from the tiny ####ty ones connected to my PC so I either needed to buy new ones or find another solution. Today i discovered a wire I had used ages ago to connect my PC to a Hi Fi and I used that to connect the iPod to a Hi Fi and of course it worked. But...