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    Questions about new PQ DVD

    I have an old version of PQDVD, it is basically crap as I cant get my DvD's to convert without the sound being messed up, noisey, buggy or repeat. My questions is this, does anyone use the new software? is it good, how is their support, I had issues with their email being invalid or messages...
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    freeware program to convert WMV to MP4

    does anyone have a link or know of a free program that I can use to convert a 2 hour WMV windows media file to MP4 Format?
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    PQdvd dvd- mp4 issues

    I was wondering if anyone has used PQdvd to convert dvd's to MP4 format? I am having issues and have always had issues with this program. Mainly sound issues, such as static like when you play a record. I recently got a new computer and dvd ripping is 20 times faster then on my old computer...
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    ipod got stuck on updating do not disconnect but itunes did not update

    I dont know what is happening, I hooked up my ipod so itunes could update it with some videos, the Ipod says do not disconnect but itunes is not updating. I have the 80gb video Ipod. This is the first problem I have had. The ipod only has about 41gb of video on it. Itunes never even tried to...
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    static scratch sounds when ripping dvds to mp4 format

    I am having a problem with static sound like when a record plays static sometimes when I rip my dvds to mp4 format. I am using PQDVD program and it doesnt happen all the time. But when it does it is very annoying especialy when the movie is 3 hours long and I have to re-rip it due to the static...
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    problem importing video into itunes

    This is really wierd last night I was ripping some of my dvds to mp4 format so I can sync them to my ipod. For some reason I could only import 3 of the 6 videos I had ripped. I tried everything to get these to import but they just wont. My question is that if the name of the videos are very...
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    circuit city warning

    I just wanted to let everyone know not to buy an Ipod from circuit city, get it from Apple. Main reason is that when I bought my ipod in Jan I purchased for $115 extra the two year extended warranty that covers accidental damage. Well my ipod is crapping out on me so I take it in and I found...
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    problems with tracking music and video

    I have been having this problem with my 60g video ipod. I have been doing hard resets by holding menu and center button so the white apple shows up. I keep having to do this as my ipod has tracking problems as follows 1. I hit pause takes up to 30 seconds to pause. 2. I hit fwd takes up to 30...
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    ipod taking long time searching for songs

    Anyone have a clue why out of the blue the ipod will take forever to find a song, play a song when you fwd to the next song and jusst hang there while you can feel the HD moving around? This is happening periodically and sometimes I have to do a restart (hold center click wheel and the menu...
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    help ipod stuck on title screen cant use mouse wheel to ff

    I punched the center button to may times now my ipod is stuck on the title screen with the 5 dots under the album and song I cant get it to go back to where it shows the process bar can anyone help?
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    available space discrepancy on my ipod?

    Can anyone give me some insights as to why my ipod tells me I have 10.3 gigs of avaiable disk space but my itunes says that my ipod is full 59.8gigs. I have the video ipod. I cant figure out why my ipod isnt showing me an accurate amt of what my disk space is. Anyone else have this problem if...
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    static on movies and messed up recordings

    I have the video ipod and on some of my movies that I transfer to itunes using PQDVD have static on them like when a record plays, also on some recordings when I take a cd and transfer the music to my itunes some songs get jacked up with distorted noise static or just sounding bad, Is there a...
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    Ipod froze cant reset any suggestions?

    Ok here is what happened I was playing music on my 5g 60 gig video Ipod, not problem then I go to play a podcast from nasacast video, I was playing the audio portion of the video and I select the 2-15-06 edition and what happens? My ipod freezes witht eh album art screen lit up, I tried to reset...
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    play audio only for movies/video on ipod

    Ok I know I am wierd but can you only listen to the audio of movies and tv shows on the ipod without the video showing, I can do if for video podcasts as well as music videos but cant figure out how to for movies, I dont want to reclassify the movies as music videos to do this. Is there a...
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    can you list the artist and album at same time?

    I am new to ipod and I love it the only thing I am getting fustrated about is that I need a listing that lists the artist and the album at the same time, This will make it eaiser to find exactly what I want to play. Is there a way to do this either thru itunes so it updates the ipod? or on the...